More Clinton County real estate purchases

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This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Patrick J. and Marlene R. Cunningham to Jacob M. and Lauren E. Cragwall, 5364 New Burlington Road in Chester Township, 3.2 acres, $350,400.

Todd Lin and Beth Ann Wilcher to Michael Allen and Julee Riddle, 107 West Baldwin Street and one other Baldwin Street property both in Blanchester, $134,000.

Linda M. White to Jerry Thomas Hammon, 5537 Maple Grove Avenue in Blanchester, $25,000.

Dennis R. and Ronald D. Williams to Dennis R. Williams, 681 Oglesbee Road and one other Oglesbee Road property both in Chester Township, total of 9.4 acres, $100,000.

Ralph Smithson to Bruce E. and Sheila Lamb, 1555 Cumberland Road and other other Cumberland Road property both in Clark Township, total of 8.3 acres, $32,500.

Geneva M. and Richard A. Avery to Dennis Arnett and Amanda Dugan, 115 First Street in Clarksville, $120,000.

Terry Stephens to Walter Lee Riesenberg and Sincere Lean S. Riesenberg, 1345 Mitchell Road in Union Township, 3.6 acres, $335,000.

Kyle Judd to Matthew Levi Hamilton, 112 Ash Lane in Blanchester, $190,000.

Victoria A. Hodge to Rocket Mortgage LLC, 934 West Main Street and one other West Main Street property both in Wilmington, $62,000.

Elizabeth A. Curry to Andrew and Allison Martin, 279 Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $147,500.

Christopher A. Haidet to Charlene and Sidney Murphy, 933 Kathryn Drive in Wilmington, $195,000.

Harold D. Winnale to Walker and Carole Peterson, 355 Lakelly Road in Washington Township, $20,000.

Justin K. and Kelsey L. Rader to Brady M. and Makenna K. Klein, 6703 State Route 380 in Chester Township, 1 acre, $224,000.

Benny O. and Peggy Ann Reiley to Michael Wiegand, 60 Dehan Road in Green Township, 3.5 acres, $150,000.

Darrell Jackson ½ interest and Clarissa G. Jackson ½ interest to Robin Thompson and Karen A. Glen, 67 Park Street and a Mill Street property both in Sabina, $65,000.

Zachery and Katrina Simmons to Eleesha Dominique Werner and John Tanner-Bailey, 2332 Reeder Road in Vernon Township, 4.4 acres, $265,000.

Arthur Cordy to Soaleman Properties LLC, 64 Larrick Road in Wayne Township, $42,500.

Paul E. McKnight to Steven P. and Beverly Ryan, 245 Linkhart Drive and three other Linkhart Drive properties all in New Vienna, $89,500.

Brandon W. and Danica L. Hughes to Jason Young, 290 Kenyon Drive in Wilmington, $158,000.

Benjamin D. Matheney to Whitney N. Bradley, 130 Kentucky Avenue in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $205,000.

Athena Marie Tod Faris and Ben G. Faris to Charles A. and Kristal L. Roberts, 13188 State Route 28 in Green Township, 2.4 acres, $300,000.

Richard and Barbara Funk to Patrick Miller, 12 Bernard Road in New Vienna, $25,000.

Bruce E. Lamb ½ interest and Sheila Lamb ½ interest to Brandy F. Aleshire, 241 First Street and one other First Street property both in New Vienna, $119,000.

LT Land Development LLC to WAC LLC, a property on East Logan Lane and one other Logan Lane property both in Wilmington, total of 2.3 acres, $400,000.

TK Properties & Rentals LLC to First National Bank of Blanchester, 308 Broadway Street and two other Broadway Street properties all in Blanchester, $85,000.

Amy J. McGuinn-Godbey and Sean D. Godbey to Troy Riggs, 201 Woodville Road in Marion Township, 6.5 acres, $245,000.

Todd Bradley Zike and Donald C. Bunch to Dachshund Investments LLC, 509 South Wright Street in Blanchester, 0.7 acre, $26,000.

Austen D. Purkey to Paul J. Singleton and Taylor S. Singleton, 2290 Pansy Road in Vernon Township, $209,000.

David B. and Barbara A. Lieurance to William A. Haynie, 767 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $135,000.

We-Be Ltd. to Dustin K. Pearce, 276 West Locust Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $100,000.

Rickey A. Kendall to Eric Locke, 41 South Jackson Street in Sabina, $107,000.

Marnie Elaine Forste to Craig R. Foebar, a Reynolds Road property in Marion Township, 2.4 acres, $436,000.

McMackie LLC to Bertha M. Burch, 51 East Church Street in New Vienna, $166,500.

Gregory E. and Tami S. Streber to Yervand Tigranyan, a property on State Route 729 in Green Township, 7.3 acres, $60,000.

Sugartree Construction LLC to Fender Homes LLC, a property on Cobble Stone Lane in Clarksville, 0.2 acre, $20,000.

Michael B. and Christina L. Evans to David A. and Robin M. Toups, 331 Silver Creek Drive in Washington Township, 1.7 acres, $220,000.

Kathy J. Craft to Ralph R. McCarren, 757 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $132,000.

Jon Gilbert to Thomas Renner and Susan Hollon, 1256 Yankee Road in Vernon Township, 0.1 acre, $15,000.

Charles E. and Pamela M. Adkins to Ben and Athena Faris, 652 Kelly Drive in Wilmington, $285,000.

Katherine H. Cooper ½ interest and Nancy H. Eaton ½ interest to RRB Farms LLC, a Hawkins Road property and a Smith Road property both in Chester Township, total of 24.1 acres, $183,600.

George W. Day Jr. and Shirley S. Day to DDZ Enterprises LLC, 32 Bradley Court in Washington Township, $130,700.

Robert L. and Jennifer Jill Thompson to JAJ Land Investments LLC, 6574 West State Route 73 in Chester Township, 4.1 acres, $1,750,000.

Barbara K. Barnes to Jerald Stoltzfus, 770 Nance Road in Wayne Township, 1 acre, $40,000.

Design Holdings LLC to Jason and Chelsie Kinnison, 28 Pebble Stone Lane and one other Pebble Stone Lane property both in Clarksville, total of 0.5 acre, $202,800.

Terry L. Burden to Avery W. and Janice G. Bennett, 5953 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $142,500.

Kalandra Pierson to Cameron Phelps, 136 High Street in Wilmington, $127,000.

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