Organ donation topic at Six and Twenty

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The ladies and guest of the Six and Twenty Club gathered for the August 26 meeting at Charlie’s Place, a quaint gathering spot within the Murphy Theatre.

Mrs. Bobbi Jo Schlaegel was the host and program leader for the day. The meeting was called to order by current club president Mrs. Cindy Petrich followed by roll call with quotations.

Mrs. Mindy Henson provided the minutes of the previous meeting, which were approved by the members. Historical minutes for August 22, 1997, were shared by Mrs. Theresa Rembert.

Mrs. Schlaegel’s book choice for the year was a children’s book “Yak’s Corner: Children’s Stories” by local author Artie Knapp. The book is a publication of five of Artie’s delightful animal tales and uses humor to deliver messages of being true to yourself, conquering your fears, and respecting differences.

Mr. Knapp has authored many publications, including a workbook article with a special character, Luke Lapine, to honor the memory of the son of Mrs. Shelby Lapine, a guest of the club for the day.

This provided the background for the meeting’s program.

Mrs. Lapine shared the heartbreaking story of how her son’s tragic accident turned into a life-saving event for over 70 people through organ donation. She provided valuable information on the importance of organ donors, and how meaningful it has been to have met the majority of her son’s organ recipients.

Members shared emotional and uplifting messages of their own experiences or experiences of loved ones with organ donation.

Following with the children’s book theme, the host offered fun refreshments of chocolate covered strawberries, sprinkled Rice Krispies squares, mini cupcakes, and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles for all to enjoy.

Submitted article