Do you have a Revolutionary Patriot in your family tree?

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Do you believe that you have a Revolutionary War Patriot in your family tree?

If so, you might consider membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Sons of the American Revolution.

How is a Patriot defined? DAR recognizes as Patriots not only soldiers, but also anyone who contributed to the cause of American freedom.

To find out if your ancestor is recognized by the DAR as a Revolutionary Patriot, you can join members of the George Clinton Chapter of DAR 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, October 22 in the Genealogy Library of the Clinton County History Center.

Chapter members will be there to assist and provide guidance to those looking for their patriot and show them the places to search and the process for proving their lineage. This will be a good time for the start of a new search for an ancestor or to get help with a search that is proving difficult.

This is also a good time for current DAR members who would like assistance with proving a supplemental ancestor.

If you believe you have a Revolutionary War Patriot in your family tree, the workshop on Saturday will be a good place to start or complete your search. Join the workshop from start to finish or come for a short time as your day allows.

This is a time to perhaps enhance your knowledge of your family tree.

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