CMH rebrands ‘Interventional Suite’

From left are: Dr. Pablo Gamboa, Riverside Radiology; Martha Bourgeois; Denielle Sicz; Ashley Dingman; Brian Bailey; Michelle Umstead; Terra Burton; Dr Brian Santin, Director of Vascular Services at CMH.

CMH Regional Health System has unified its specials, cardiac cath, interventional, and endovascular labs under the umbrella of the newly termed Interventional Suite. This multi-functional area has long been confusing to both patients and staff, and the consolidation of several practices under a single name will inhibit any future misconception between patients, physicians, and caregivers.

The Interventional Suite incorporates multiple physicians across vascular surgery, cardiology, and interventional radiology in treating a wide variety of patients and medical conditions. Treating patients in the Interventional Suite are Dr. Brian Santin, Director of Vascular Services at CMH and Dr. Chris Wright, Cardiologist, along with physicians from Riverside Radiology.

“The Interventional Suite represents just another way that Clinton Memorial Hospital continues to remain at the forefront of healthcare access offering a variety of treatment options for Wilmington and surrounding communities,” said Dr. Santin. “This Suite utilizes multiple physicians and disciplines to offer high-quality medical care for our patients, and I am proud to be a part of it as the Director of Vascular Services at CMH.”

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