Prison for possessing heroin

Amber Huff

Joseph Lewis

Robin Taylor

WILMINGTON — A local woman received a seven-month prison term this week for possessing heroin.

Amber M. Huff, 31, of Wilmington, has served time in state prison previously, according to court papers.

Huff was present in the courtroom Wednesday from the Clinton County Jail where she had been incarcerated on a bond violation. Prosecutors did not pursue a failing-to-appear charge resulting from a scheduled May court hearing for which she reportedly did not show.

The length of the prison term was recommended by both prosecution and defense in a plea agreement, and Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck stated he found the agreed sentence to be “appropriate.”

The defendant was given credit for 46 days in jail.

Huff’s license to drive was suspended for six months.

After she is released from prison, she might be supervised by the Ohio Adult Parole Authority for three years.

• Joseph T. Lewis, 28, of Fairborn and formerly of the Sabina area, was placed this week on a one-year term of community controls. He was found guilty of receiving stolen property (a check), forging a check, a theft of $1,377, and stealing Percocet, which is a prescription pain reliever.

Lewis’ victim is his uncle and there was no claim for restitution. Lewis now is “gainfully employed,” stated the judge, and has a low risk of being a repeat offender, according to a risk assessment by the state of Ohio.

Credit was given for 50 days in the county jail. If Lewis breaks his community control rules, he faces a prison term of 12 months.

• Robin L. Taylor, 34, of Wilmington, was put on community controls for a year after pleading guilty to trafficking hydrocodone, which is an opioid pain medication.

She reportedly sold three pills for $23. Credit was given for two days spent in jail.

Taylor’s license to drive is suspended for six months.

She faces six months imprisonment if she violates her community control sanctions.

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