BPD: Man arrested after resisting officer, citizen

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BLANCHESTER — A Clarksville man faces multiple charges after police say he struggled with both an officer and with a good samaritan as the officer attempted to place him under arrest.

Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt said that at around 6 a.m. Thursday Blanchester Police were called to 136 Carr St. on a report of a domestic dispute. He said back-up was requested from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, but they did not have a deputy available to respond, so a request for a back-up officer was then placed with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

According to Reinbolt, BPD Ptl. Kristen Jeffers arrived at the home where she reported that Jeremy Smith, 37, of Clarksville, had entered into his mother’s home at that address without permission. Smith’s estranged wife and children are staying at the residence with Smith’s mother, who kicked him out of the house last week and notified police of that fact, Reinbolt said.

When Jeffers attempted to arrest Smith for Criminal Trespass, “he resisted those efforts and a struggle ensued with Jeffers attempting to physically arrest Smith,” Reinbolt said. “Smith made his way to his pick-up truck parked in the driveway of the residence and continued to fight.

“A man from the neighborhood, Ioan Cioca, saw the struggle and offered his assistance, joining Ptl. Jeffers in the fray. He was punched and struck by Smith several times,” Reinbolt continued. “With Cioca’s assistance, Jeffers was able to bring Smith under control, but he still resisted efforts to place him in handcuffs.”

Reinbolt said that around this time “Deputy Knight from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist and Smith was handcuffed as a trooper from the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived.”

Jeffers and Cioca suffered bruises and scratches, according to Reinbolt; neither sought immediate medical treatment.

Curious as to why Smith was trying to get to his truck, Jeffers reported she found an unloaded 9mm pistol on the truck’s floorboard, with two loaded clips for the gun in the truck’s glovebox.

Smith was charged with Criminal Trespass, Resisting Arrest, Mishandling a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle and Assault for striking Mr. Cioca, Reinbolt said. He was taken to the Clinton County Jail and will answer the charges in the Clinton County Municipal Court.

“We are grateful to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol for responding to Ptl. Jeffers’ urgent calls for help,” Reinbolt said. “We as a department, and I personally, am extremely grateful to Mr. Cioca for the assistance he lended Ptl. Jeffers, and which resulted in his being injured.

“It is my belief that the term ‘hero’ is used far too loosely,” Reinbolt continued. “We in law enforcement are not heroes simply by virtue of our jobs. The title ‘hero’ is something that is earned when one engages in an unusual act of courage or with some noble purpose. I believe Mr. Cioca earned that title by his actions this morning.”

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