Forum on proposed income tax slated at Murphy

WILMINGTON — The Campaign for Wilmington’s Future is hosting a public forum at the Murphy Theatre at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22, where those attending can hear from city officials as to why it is important for the proposed .5 percent temporary municipal income tax increase to be voted on Nov. 8.

A group of Wilmington residents organized the campaign because they believe that passage of Wilmington City Council’s proposed .5 percent temporary municipal income tax increase is necessary “for the quality of life residents have come to expect in a community once ranked as one of the best small towns in America.”

Wilmington Mayor John Stanforth, city services and safety director Brian Shidaker and Wilmington Police Chief Duane Weyand will discuss the financial issues facing the city and why they say the temporary tax is necessary. They will take questions from the audience and those forwarded by email at

Representatives of the campaign will share information about how to get involved with the effort and to answer questions as well.

If approved, the new 1.5 percent tax will be paid only by those earning incomes within the city of Wilmington. Social Security and pensions will not be taxed as has been the case since a local income tax was first assessed in the mid-1970s.

The committee points out that, if approved, it “will be in line with almost all Ohio cities, including the county seats of neighboring counties. Many nearby communities have existing taxes higher than Wilmington. Hillsboro has been at 1.5 percent for years. WCH is at 1.95 percent and Xenia is at 2.25 percent.”

An estimated 79 percent of the tax will be paid by people who don’t live in Wilmington but who work here and benefit from the services that the city provides to employers, including fire and police protection, snow removal, transit services, street repair and water and sewage services, according to the committee.

The immediate and most noticeable beneficiaries of the increased tax revenue will be safety services and maintenance, according to Mayor John Stanforth.

Tyler Williams and Dana Dunn are co-chairs of the campaign and Scott Holmer is treasurer. Committee members include Molly Dullea, Josh Engel, Nick Eveland, Karli Harris, David Hockaday, Bob Holmes, Josh McGee, Mark Rembert, Bruce Saunders, Kevin Snarr and Sam Stratman. The group’s website is