City discusses possible columbarium for cemetery

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON – The nationwide trend of more people choosing to have their remains cremated has captured the attention of the City of Wilmington’s Cemetery Committee.

On Wednesday evening Committee Chairman Jonathan McKay informed members that, due to that trend as well as the new Brown Funeral Home providing cremation services, he hopes there will be consideration to include a columbarium to house cremated remains at Sugar Grove Cemetery.

“They’ve had a few clients so far for the service and we have to kind of move a little quicker than what we have been, simply because that is a service that the cemetery should provide,” said McKay.

McKay stated that he and the committee had intended to visit the columbarium at the Springboro Cemetery, which was built by the cemetery’s superintendent. He discussed with the committee the possibility of looking at Springboro’s and getting inspiration for Sugar Grove’s.

Council president Randy Riley informed that it was discovered through a study done by Tevin Amburgy, a member of Clinton County Fellows, that more than 50 percent of people choose cremation over burials.

“I do believe that this is something that we need to invest in. It is kind of new trend in burials and so we need to be able to provide that service,” said McKay.

The committee will continue to discuss the possibilities of a columbarian along with discussing the concerns of costs and expansion when the available slots are full.

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By John Hamilton