City praisesMilburn, startscouncil moves

Wilmington council in transition, will soon have new member

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — During Thursday night’s council meeting Wilmington Mayor John Stanforth and Council President Randy Riley addressed the resignation of council member Randi Milburn, both expressing their sadness in seeing her leave but wishing her luck.

“I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank her for all the services she has provided,” said Riley. “Good leadership, good dedication, and I loved the spirit when worked with everyone on this council and with all the citizens of Wilmington. She will be missed.”

According to Riley, the Central Committee will be meeting on Dec. 5 to consider who will take Milburn’s place on city council. So far several residents have expressed interest.

Milburn had been the head of the Judiciary Committee; Matt Purkey is chairman for now.

Also last night:

• Council passed a resolution which would authorize the Parks and Recreation Committee to advertise bids for the construction of a splash park at David Williams Memorial Park.

• Council passed a resolution which would authorize the fire department to file for a grant application through the Assistance to Firefighter Grant. According to council member Joe Spicer, this grant will allow the department to purchase air packs and bottles.

• Council passed a resolution approving the advertising for bids for the construction of the Fife Avenue Water Main Replacement Project.

• Council passed a resolution for making supplemental appropriations, a total of $125,000 from the Waste Fund, $90,000 to Architectural/Engineering, and $35,000 to State and Local Fees.

• Council passed ordinances making supplemental appropriations and making miscellaneous transfers. The supplemental appropriations transferred $6,000 from the General Funds transferred to the Law Library, $28,469.05 from General Funds to the Hotel Lodging Tax Fund and then transfer that sum to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and they transferred $11,818 from EMS Fund to Squad Vehicle Maintenance.

In the Miscellaneous Transfers ordinance, a total of $13,500 will be transferred to Squad Vehicle Maintenance, with $4,000 from Squad Education and Training, $8,000 from Squad Vehicle Fuel, and $1,500 from Squad Equipment Maintenance. A total of $8,000 was transferred to Fire Utilities with $6,000 from Fired Education and Training and $2,000 from Fired Radio Maintenance. $2,500 was transferred from Fire Incidents to Fire Uniforms. $31,800 was transferred to police salary with $11,800 from Workers Comp and $20,000 from Vehicle Fuel. $547.70 was transferred from Auditor Data Processing to Accounting and Auditing.
Wilmington council in transition, will soon have new member

By John Hamilton

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574