WPD appreciates public’s watchfulness

By Duane Weyand - Chief of Police, - Wilmington


WILMINGTON — Suspicious person calls were our highest type of call volume for the week. This would come as no surprise after two people committed a handful of thefts from cars and broke into houses this past week.

We are grateful that our citizens are watching out — it certainly helps us and it makes our community a safer place. We

We handled 358 calls for service with 32 arrests for the week.

Some calls worth pointing out:

• We handled five burglaries. Three were solved the same night, and for one burglary we have a suspect and are trying to identify him. The other remains unsolved at this time.

• We have had several reports of property damage. Over half are solved and stem from one overnight incident.

• We took six theft reports. Out of those six calls, we had one bike stolen, four were for cash, and one was a firearm. We anticipate charges on some of these.

In one instance, the money was recovered and the business wanted no charges filed.

Many of these calls get solved because people see something, and they say something. We can’t stress the importance of calling in suspicious behavior.

Some notable arrests for the week include: Jamie Woehrer, 28, of Wilmington for alleged disorderly conduct while in the emergency room; we had a second incident of this type of behavior when we arrested Ashton Morris, 19, of Wilmington for alleged disorderly conduct while at an emergency room; and Patrick Butts, 40, of Sabina for warrants and alleged lying to officers about his identity.

Duane Weyand is Chief of Police of Wilmington.



By Duane Weyand

Chief of Police,