Ode to our longtime sports editor

By Stephanie Blessing

Editor’s Note: The News Journal is celebrating the 30th anniversary with the paper of sports editor Mark Huber and the 20th anniversary of reporter Gary Huffenberger. We received this poem about Mark written by Stephanie Blessing and we just had to share it with our readers.

I have often said how lucky we are (“we” as in the community) to have Mark Huber!

Thirty years! Congrats, Our Friend!

Your success won’t go unnoticed.

Reporting sports for all to read,

Has always been your focus.

Thoughts of you sitting on an

East Clinton stage,

Always make me smile;

You’d wait for dad to exit the locker room,

He’d always take awhile!

Pen in hand and thoughts a whirling

Of the contest you’ve just watched,

Rushing back to print your story,

You are always on the clock.

Not a contest can I remember,

At least one of great hype and attention —

Did you not have something great to say

The positives you never fail to mention.

Our community is so blessed for sure,

Of the games and photos you’ve recorded.

You take special times and memories,

And so eloquently you’ve reported.

Your commitment to our high school jocks,

And athletes with local area affiliation.

You’ve done them all great service

Giving proper jubilation.

The Hall of Fame you’ve alone created,

You’ve made so many athletes shine!

And given many the chance to relive memories,

Taking us back to another time.

Words can’t express what you mean to us,

The coverage and stories that you’ve shared.

You are definitely our small town hero!

To which no other can compare!

By Stephanie Blessing