Wilmington police reports: From thefts to dealing with panhandlers

By Duane Weyand - Chief of Police, - Wilmington

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WILMINGTON — It has been a mild week for the officers at WPD. Once again suspicious person calls was our highest type of call volume for the week, followed up by traffic crash reports.

We handled two burglaries this week. One was solved and charges filed against John Fields, 31, of Wilmington. The other was an apartment where the tenant came home and found the door open and several electronic-related items stolen.

We have five theft reports this week — we anticipate filing charges on two of those. Of the other reports, they include a theft from a car parked at a business, theft of a car radio, and a report of a grandchild stealing from a grandparent.

We handled 291 calls for service with 21 arrests. Over the week some arrests that stand out include: Shelby Lynn Delawder, 23, of Wilmington for alleged domestic violence; Kyle Thompson, 30, from Seaman, Ohio for alleged public indecency; Dustin Hively, 28, of Midland for alleged theft; and Cassandra Halcomb, 19, of Lynchburg for alleged theft.

We have taken calls over people panhandling. We generally discourage donating to anyone hanging out loitering by a business for money. When we encounter people begging for money, we refer them to a service in town. Generally they don’t take us up on it because they want the money.

We have encountered people from Chillicothe and have been told they come here because people are more generous. My officers observed one person who regularly panhandles for money buying a big-screen TV from Walmart.

If you want to donate to a good cause, look to donate to Our Father’s Kitchen, local church food pantries, CCYC, or the Homeless Shelter. If you give your money to a larger organization, they can feed several.

Duane Weyand is Chief of Police of Wilmington.



By Duane Weyand

Chief of Police,


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