CM ‘gets their green on’: Commemorates Sandy Hook, aims to help end isolation

Commemorates Sandy Hook, aims to help end isolation

By Diana Miller - For the News Journal

CLARKSVILLE — If you would walk the hallways of Clinton-Massie Local Schools on any given day, you’d see splashes of the school colors red, white and blue. But in February, students and staff have been asked to “get their green on” in order to make a difference in the lives of children.

Feb. 6-10 Clinton-Massie Local Schools will lead a community-wide effort honoring the Sandy Hook Promise and celebrating the “Start With Hello” campaign.

“The Start With Hello” program was developed by parents at Sandy Hook Elementary, site of a 2012 mass shooting in which 20 children and six adults were killed.

By encouraging people to reach out to others – and to try to eliminate feelings of isolation and “aloneness” they may feel – Sandy Hook parents hope to prevent similar problems in the future.

On Friday, Feb. 10, students throughout the CM district will be wearing green and encourage residents throughout Clinton County to do the same.

Bright bold green represents the Sandy Hook school colors and has become associated with holistic solutions to stem gun violence.

The “Start With Hello” campaign is designed to help eliminate social isolation by letting everyone know there is a community of support and reminds area students that the school system and community support them — that they are not alone.

Activities throughout the week teach students to reach out to others, to talk to people who might be sitting alone in a restaurant or alone at the cafeteria. Saying “Hello” is the start of that process.

While CMLS will be fully invested in saying hello, an integral part of the campaign also encourages the community to participate. Area churches and businesses are being asked to place the “Sandy Hook Promise: Start With Hello” message on/in their windows and/or marquee signs to help spread the word.

Additional information regarding the Sandy Hook Promise can be found at

Information for this article was provided by Diana Miller, who coordinates communications for several area schools.
Commemorates Sandy Hook, aims to help end isolation

By Diana Miller

For the News Journal