City council gets fluoride update

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — While the fluoride resolution was postponed until the next council meeting, Safety/Service Director Brian Shidaker gave an update on the engineer’s review of the water treatment plant Thursday evening.

He noted that numbers and figures were still coming in, but he had information regarding the structure and cost coverage.

“The engineers have been in contact with the Ohio Department of Health coordinating the grant money, because that’s a big factor in this,” he said. “They have indicated that the equipment for the improvements are eligible for the full-cost coverage.”

Shidaker stated that he was concerned about the space. He said what the engineers, from Strand Associates, are looking for is a pre-fabricated structure which would be outside of the water department to store the fluoride.

“The state as of right now indicated that the pre-fabricated structure might be considered an allowable expense under the fluoridation chemical storing and feed equipment. They did ask for more detailed information on the pre-fab structure to confirm their determination, which we have already,” he said.

Shidaker said that the main issue is where the chemicals will be stored because the equipment is covered, but the capital improvements are not. The pre-fab structure might be covered under the grant program, which is the answer they’re still waiting on.

“We’re going through all these steps to make sure if it’s something that council decides to do, that we do it the right way,” said Shidaker.

He said that the official review should be ready by Feb. 27, in time for the next water committee and city council meetings.

Also during council:

• Mayor John Stanforth introduced Human Resources Director Jeanne Pope during his report. She said she’s very pleased to be here and that the transition has been going great.

• During the Safety/Transportation Committee report, a resolution was passed which would allow “the submittal of a proposal with the Ohio Department of Transportation for a grant through the U.S. DOT Federal Transit Administration.”

• A resolution was passed during the Safety/Service Director report which authorized “the Director of Public Service to enter into agreements with Vectren Energy Delivery regarding streets and Right-of-Way opening permits for calendar year 2017.”

• Council member Matt Purkey informed council that the Judiciary Committee met Wednesday night and began discussing the timeline for the new zoning program. He said it’ll take around a year to change.

By John Hamilton

Reach John Hamilton at 937-556-5766

Reach John Hamilton at 937-556-5766