WPD: Be wary of who you loan your car to

Duane Weyand - Chief of Police - Wilmington



This week we had two stolen vehicles to deal with, as well as one that initially was reported as stolen but was determined to be a false report.

Two of them were stolen from here and crashed near the southern end of the county, and one was reported stolen from Highland County and crashed inside the city. Two of the three have charges filed on the suspect and the third is close to being arrested.

All three vehicles were taken by someone the owner knew, or the owner knew of them. Of the one that was reported as being stolen, the owner knew who had it and was trying to avoid responsibility for the incident.

Sometimes it is best not to loan out your vehicle, or in two of these cases, don’t leave your keys out so others have access to them when you are sleeping.

We handled 36 calls where citizens reported suspicious activity. This is much higher than any other week previously reported.

When citizens call in suspicious actions it helps us reduce crime. We can’t thank our citizens enough for being vigilant in their neighborhoods.

We handled six theft reports over the week. One was a pair of shoes stolen from a porch, a car radio stolen in the downtown area, theft of medication from a residence, a laptop stolen from a car in the north end of town, a handful of drinks were stolen from a food cart, and a pair of ear buds were reportedly shoplifted from a store.

We have handled 293 calls for service with 20 arrests.

We have a lot of felony cases going to grand jury over the next two weeks. Over the week some notable arrests included (with alleged offense listed): Gary Seitz, 25, of Martinsville and Walker Worthington, 19, of Wilmington for operating a vehicle while under the influence; Damaal Lattimore, 24, of Wilmington for domestic violence; Bruce Lee, 46, of Wilmington for violating a protection order; Josh Dettwiler, 25, of Greenfield for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; Josh Coleman, 38, of New Vienna for operating a vehicle while under the influence; Beau Maikut, 35, of Wilmington for theft; Marcus Johnson, 53, of Cedarville for operating a vehicle under the influence; Ciara Peterson, 24, of Leesburg for possession of a drug abuse instrument; Ashton Morris, 19, of Wilmington for domestic violence; and Reed Maikut, 34, of Wilmington for criminal damaging.


Duane Weyand

Chief of Police