All 5 recent sentencings in Clinton County Common Pleas were drug cases

By Gary Huffenberger -





WILMINGTON — A local man received a 15-month prison term for heroin trafficking, evidence tampering, and failing to appear.

Jason Lamar Harris, 34, of Wilmington, previously has served time in state prison. He did not return to court for a hearing in the trafficking case, and “absconded from the court’s jurisdiction” for more than 16 months, stated Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck.

While on a new bond, he committed the tampering crime. In late February, the STAR Community Justice Center found Harris to be suitable for admission to that facility, but Rudduck sent him to prison.

Prosecutors indicated they might not object to Harris being granted an early judicial release from prison if he has a positive prison record as an inmate, and if completion of the residential STAR (Structure, Therapy, Advocacy, Restoration) Program is included in the after-prison sanctions.

Harris must reimburse $125 that law enforcement incurred in lab fees and $50 in “buy money” in an under-cover operation, as well as pay the case’s court costs.

In another case, after a local man broke the rules of community control four times, he was given a 15-month prison term on his original conviction for possessing heroin.

Scott Cameron Hamilton, 34, of Wilmington, said he cannot do probation and requested the prison term be imposed, claiming he stays sober longer when he’s not being supervised, according to court papers.

During a Feb. 7, 2017 traffic stop in Wilmington, a capped syringe was located in Hamilton’s car by a police search dog; the next day at the county jail he tested positive for opiates and morphine.

On Jan. 3, 2017, Hamilton tested positive for opiates and morphine. However, he provided documentation from Clinton Memorial Hospital stating he was given morphine during a hospital visit.

He admitted he relapsed on heroin New Year’s Eve 2016.

On July 26, 2016, Hamilton was in an automobile crash. Drug paraphernalia was found at the accident scene and Hamilton later admitted he used heroin moments before the accident, stated the Wilmington Police Department’s incident report.

On July 11, 2016, he tested positive for opiates, morphine and cocaine. Hamilton admitted he took in heroin by snorting and intravenous injection, according to a court document.

Time credit was granted toward his 15-month prison term for the 287 days he spent in the Clinton County Jail on the case.

Hamilton has served two prior prison terms. Court papers say he is skilled as a chef.

Matthew F. Wilson, 33, of Washington Court House, received a suspended six-month jail term after he was convicted of heroin trafficking in Clinton County. He was placed on a two-year term of community controls, and must take part in the residential STAR Program in Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

He also must pay $125 incurred in lab fees plus the court costs. Wilson spent 11 days in jail on the case. The charge he was convicted of is a fifth-degree felony, which is the lowest level of felony offense.

In an unrelated case, Nickolaus Kyle Garrison, 30, of Wilmington, was sentenced after being convicted of heroin possession and of possessing drugs, the latter charge a misdemeanor.

Garrison received a six-month suspended jail term, and was placed under community controls for a two-year term. He must participate in the residential STAR Program to comply with one of his community control sanctions.

He served 71 days in the county jail on the case.

Jillian A. McCarty, 26, of Hillsboro, after a conviction for possessing cocaine in Clinton County, received a six-month suspended jail term and was placed on community controls for a year.

She spent three days in jail on the case.

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By Gary Huffenberger