Leadership Clinton class gets education on health care

By Leadership Clinton

The 2017 Leadership Clinton Class met in February to focus on the Health and Human Services of Clinton County. The quality, access, and affordability of healthcare, understanding the demands on the health care system, and gaining knowledge about health and human service issues affecting this region along with possible solutions were the primary objectives of the day.

The day began with a tour from Kelsey Swindler of the Foster Boyd Regional Cancer Center. Following that tour, the Adult class and the Youth class joined together at Clinton Memorial Hospital and toured the hospital with Kelsey.

The classes were then addressed by several well-respected individuals in the Health and Human services field throughout this area., including: Officer Gibson, Wilmington Police Department; Dr. Allen, CMH Emergency Room Medical Director; Greg Nielsen, CMH CEO; Kelsey Swindler, CMH Community Outreach; and Eric Guindon, Program Director of Clinton County Youth Council.

Discussion was started by Officer Gibson who spoke about the drug and heroin epidemic spreading throughout this region. He spoke about the Good Samaritan Law in Ohio that protects individuals from prosecution if they help someone who is experiencing an overdose, even if they were taking part in illegal activities as well.

Following Officer Gibson, Dr. Allen came in to discuss some of the same issues. He focused on drug use and the rising statistics of overdoses that are fortunate enough to reach the Emergency Room every day for lifesaving procedures.

Greg Nielsen then switched gears by discussing Clinton Memorial Regional Health Care, what they have accomplished, and the direction they are planning to help the community resolve some of these issues. Continuing to grow is one of the main focuses of CMH in order to offer the best possible care for local individuals.

Kelsey Swindler then talked about all of the local organizations, schools and community groups that CMH supports.

Following Kelsey, Eric Guindon talked briefly about some of the issues the students he works with are facing at a young age. He outlined the many services that are offered at CCYC to help youth who attend his after school program.

Next, the adult class traveled to Job and Family Services to speak with Kathi Spirk, Director of Job and Family Services. She spent time focusing on the impact of the children involved when parents and family members are using drugs, when they are able to step in, and how they intervene in order to help the children to the best of their ability.

Following Job and Family Services, the Leadership Clinton class traveled to Laurels Rehab Center in Blanchester. The class was led on a tour and learned about the history of the center by Jana Wells (Marketing).

The day was wrapped up at the Leadership Clinton office with a brief discussion led by Craig Jones (Hospice RN) about everything that Hospice offers and what they can do for all patients in need.

A special thank you from the 30th class of Leadership Clinton to everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to meet and share their knowledge with us!


By Leadership Clinton