Mark McKay wins nod for Wilmington president of council

By John Hamilton -

Mark McKay

Mark McKay

WILMINGTON — Mark McKay is the winner of Tuesday’s Republican primary election for Wilmington’s President of Council.

The sitting at-large council member, who has been on city council for 16 years, was victorious over former council member Loren Stuckert with 464 votes (59 percent) to 323 (41 percent).

“I’m humbled to have the people of Wilmington support me in this new endeavor,” said McKay. “I want to thank Loren Stuckert for running a good campaign and pointing out topics that are important to council.”

According to the City of Wilmington, “The President of Council is elected for a two-year term and presides at all regular and special meetings of the Council although he has no vote therein except in case of a tie. The President of Council also serves as the Acting Mayor in the absence or disability of the Mayor.”

McKay, 69, told the News Journal in its April election preview how he sees the office: “Council president helps to create the face of council by: Chairing council meetings — helping to make sure all agenda items are covered in a thorough and effective way. Enables all council members’ views to be heard. Assures that citizen comments are respected, timely and to the point. Assigns the committee chairs. Is acting mayor in the mayor’s absence. Has the tie-breaking vote if ever needed. Works with the law director to be sure that agenda items are dispensed with in a manner that is legal and expeditious. Most importantly, helps council present a professional appearance to the public.”

“With my background and institutional knowledge of council and the life experiences I have gained with a lifetime in Wilmington, I know that I can fulfill this next role in my public life in a highly successful manner,” he said.

Mark McKay McKay

By John Hamilton