WPD Chief: Two fatal ODs; theft incidents

By Duane Weyand - Chief of Police, - Wilmington

The month of May has proven to be a busy one — we have handled 471 calls so far this month with 31 arrests.

During this time we have handled five overdose calls resulting in two fatalities.

We have also had a lot of assist citizen related calls — calls for welfare checks, unlocking cars, and general assistance-related calls.

We handled nine thefts so far this month. Items include a gun stolen from a car that has now been recovered, a cell phone stolen from a car, copper stolen from a job site, an employee theft involving lottery tickets, a stolen bank card possibly dropped by the victim, theft of a hover board from a car, an enclosed trailer stolen from a parking lot, and a report of stolen shoes.

The most notable call we had so far this month is to come to a residence to unlock someone from handcuffs because they felt compelled to use them in a very interesting way. While WPD is here to assist our citizens, we prefer you to think ahead and make sure you have a key in the heat of a moment.

Fortunately, in this case we were just able to hand a key off to someone else to remedy the problem.

We are still getting calls of people going door-to-door selling energy-related services. WPD encourages you to consult others before you decide to change energy carriers. We have issued permits to three different services in this field.

WPD did alcohol sales compliance checks this week. We are very proud that almost all required an ID for sales. However, three stores didn’t check ID and sold to an underage person.

Charges will be filed in regards to those incidents and a future press release will follow.

Some notable arrests for the week include Jackie Hensley, 59, of Williamsburg for alleged fleeing and eluding and operating a vehicle while under the influence, and Ryan Campbell, 24, of Wilmington for alleged misuse of a credit card and theft.

Duane Weyand is Wilmington’s Chief of Police.


By Duane Weyand

Chief of Police,