Clinton County eateries inspected

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WILMINGTON — The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health Department and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health Department by calling 937-382-7221.

The following restaurants or food service establishments were inspected recently and violations/comments include:

• Dollar General, 1001 S. South St., Wilmington, April 24. Written procedures for cleaning up vomit/diarrhea incidents unavailable. Verification demonstrating employees have been informed of illness reporting requirements unavailable. Thermometer missing in milk cooler. Water-damaged ceiling tiles observed in back room.

• Duchess Shoppe, 295 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, April 28. Wet cloth found stored behind microwave, is used for beverage counter. Boxes of food items/buns at front counter. Cappucino mix (in dispensing machine) and prepared balls of dough (?) in walk-in cooler missing name label. Thermometer missing in creamer dispensing machine. Space observed between floor and bottom of exit door in back storage room. Back storage room has food/debris on floors (crusted bread/crackers?).

Critical: Corn dogs 124°F (display cabinet).

Follow-up: May 19.

Critical: Rolls of raw sausage packages found stored above RTE pulled pork packages.

• Streber’s Market, 299 South St., New Vienna, April 28. Follow-up. Violations corrected: 4.2, 4.5, 5.1, 6.1, 6.3, 7.1. The following require correction: Spoons again were found in closed containers of cole slaw and sandwich spread. Lowest shelf in walk-in cooler is not 6 inches above floor. Information is unavailable for White’s Bakery donuts for self-service for customers. Cold display unit had paint chipping on unit. Walk-in cooler air temperature above 50°F (only has beer/soda in unit). Observed water on floor near hand sink in deli dept.

Follow-up: May 19.

• Arby’s, 1619 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, May 1. Aerosol whipped cream can be applied to product by any front employee. Bare hand contact must not happen with product. Sauces missing name labels. Three-pepper sauce found stored next to open drain under soda fountain machine. Oven thermometer found in salad prep cooler. Scale used for weighing meats in walk-in cooler is rusty. Shake dispenser stir spoon/cup for ice coffees, soda nozzles, etc. must be stored at appropriate frequency and method.

Critical: Cheese sauce 126°F (front dispenser).

• We’re Rolling Pretzel Co., 2825 SR 73 South, Wilmington, May 2. No employee certification available on anyone being Class II certified. Both reach-in coolers did not have thermometers inside units to ensure they are working properly. The floor by the mop sink is cracked and discolored/dirty.

• College Marathon, 480 E. Main St., Wilmington, April 24. Boxes of cups, disposable paper supplies, etc. observed on floor.

• Wilmington Bowling Center, 2667 US 22/3, Wilmington, May 2. The True reach-in cooler has ice accumulation/build-up around seal of door.

• Wilmington Plaza Cinemas, 1275 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, May 2. No employee who is Class II certified. Broken floor tiles in both front restrooms.

• Putman Elementary School, 327 E. Baldwin St., Blanchester, May 1. No concerns at this time.

• Blanchester High School, 953 Cherry St., Blanchester, May 1. Hobart reach-in cooler across from serving line, temperature display at 42°F. Temperature logs for unit demonstrated fluctuation from 40-42°F.

• Blanchester Middle School, 955 Cherry St., Blanchester, May 1. No concerns at time of visit.

• East End Elementary School, 769 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, May 3. Ice accumulation in walk-in freezer.

• Denver Elementary School, 291 Lorish Ave., Wilmington, May 3. Ice accumulation in Continental 3-door reach-in freezer. Floor tile at exit door is damaged.

Critical: Observed dead adult roaches in warewashing area. PIC commented Terminix is scheduled to visit soon (today?).

Follow-up: May 10.

• The Village Deli & More, 405 E. Washington St., Sabina, May 3. Critical: In the back Pepsi cooler there was a container of soup (?) that was not labeled or dated. In the lunchmeat cooler there were some meats and cheeses that were not dated. In the prep cooler there were undated containers with chicken breast hoagies and cheese.

• S&S Market, 513 S. Broadway, Blanchester, May 4. Inside of the ice machine has residue on front plate.

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