Peer Recovery Support initiative expanded

Compeer holds 17th annual banquet

The largest attendance at the Compeer banquet since it began was posted at this year’s event.

The largest attendance at the Compeer banquet since it began was posted at this year’s event.

At the 17th annual banquet of Compeer, attendees heard about a new program involving an expansion of Peer Recovery Supporter services.

Compeer is a program that uses the power of friendship to help adults with mental health issues live healthier, happier, more productive lives. Compeer relies on community volunteers who are willing to share their friendship and at least four hours a month in a one-to-one match with someone who could benefit from the support.

Compeer also holds regular group activities to encourage connection to the community and to others.

Compeer Director Michelle Rolf spoke about the recently launched program that expands Peer Recovery Supporter services. Peer Recovery Supporters (PRSs) are people with lived experience with mental health and/or substance abuse, and who have been successful with their recovery and desire to help others by sharing their stories.

To assist with this program, Lori Grant was hired as clinical coordinator and Jenna Florence as program coordinator. Several new peers have been hired through this program to work at various agencies including the jails in Clinton and Warren Counties, Talbert House, Solutions and New Housing Ohio.

These certified PRSs are Blaire Johnson, Sheldon Greene and Kathie Herdman. Linnette Graesser has been a PRS with the Compeer program for nearly three years.

The purpose of the banquet is to recognize the achievements made in the past year, to appreciate everyone’s contribution to this success, and to celebrate the friendships made.

This year’s theme was “Good friends help you find important things when you have lost them … like your smile, your hope and your courage.” Rolf talked about the importance of friendship and support as a vital part to living a mentally well life.

Some of the achievements the group made in the past year includes more than 1,646 hours shared among volunteers and clients, 60 skill-building activities, 20 enrichment activities and three outreach activities.

During the event, Rolf recognized the many donations and contributions from area businesses and individuals. And she thanked everyone for their contributions to the program as volunteers, Advisory Council members, peer supporters, staff and participants.

Compeer’s community Advisory Council members are Jim Burge, Teresa Gallinis, Tim Hawk, Muriel Hiatt and Tara Lydy.

During the evening, attendees browsed through scrapbooks and remembered the past 17 years, while celebrating all the new opportunities that are in the future. It was the largest attendance at the banquet since it began, stated a media release.

The event was held at Max & Erma’s restaurant in Liberty Township, Clinton County. The group has held it at this location for 15 years.

Compeer and the Peer Recovery Support initiative are programs of Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio. Compeer is funded by Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton County (MHRS) and United Way of Clinton County.

MHRS funds the Peer Recovery Support initiative, too.

If you would like to volunteer your time and friendship for Compeer or if you would like more information on becoming a Peer Recovery Supporter, please contact Michelle Rolf at 513-562-2581 or

The largest attendance at the Compeer banquet since it began was posted at this year’s event. largest attendance at the Compeer banquet since it began was posted at this year’s event.
Compeer holds 17th annual banquet