Graduating seniors at WHS ‘Honored’

By Diana Miller - For The News Journal

WILMINGTON — Members of Wilmington High School’s class of 2017 were looking to the future when they recently accepted their diplomas and turned their tassels — no longer high school seniors but graduates of Wilmington High School ready to make their marks in the world.

The Class of 2017 leaves behind a legacy that has made the City of Wilmington a better place to call home. Their social, civic, and academic contributions have individually and collectively made an impact in the lives of those around them.

Students graduating with Highest Honor include Kalista Adkins, Daniel Andrews, Jessica Angst, Brittany Barnett, Camryn Barton, Brooke Blakeman, Leyah Bradshaw, Chad Davis, Emily Davis, Alison Dooley, Joanna Gonzalez, Avery Greenlees, Jessica Haynie, Nicademus Hayward, Sydney Ilg, Lindsey Murphy, Lucas, Plas, Hannah Pridemore, Mary Putman, Aridessa Robertson, Lyla Self, Rebecca True, Averi Vance, Nicholas Whiting, Shania Williams, and Christopher Wolary.

Students graduating with High Honor include Melanie Brooks, Courtney Brown, Danielle Burger, Jonathan Durflinger, Liberty Farris, Daniel Freese, Brianna Gilbert, Osvaldo Gonzalez, William Hadley, Tyler Hebb, Jaylyn Hensley, Veronica Ilg, Laicee Jones, Wyatt Kessler, Stephanie Kesterson, Jeremy Marsh, Makayla McGraw, Savannah Morgan, Kyla Nagle, Alexander Plas, Kelsey Randolph, Jasmine Sanchez, Gage Smith, Bayden Stephens, Bridgette Thompson, Hunter Toller, Tyler Wells and Austin West

Students graduating with Honor include Victoria Ferguson, Magdalena Gonzalez, Judlanda Resor, Courtney Ruffner, Katherine Schroeder, Samantha Tuplin, Bethany Wirebaugh, and Dustin Young.

While some graduates will transition directly into the workforce, others will continue with post-secondary studies, and others will pursue careers in the military.

WCS is humbled and honored that Dillon Allen, Andrew Carey, Emily Edingfield, Summer Payne, Aridessa Robertson, Lyla Self, Randy Tolliver, Nick Whiting, have chosen to serve in the military and thank them for their commitment to our country and its citizens.

When reflecting about WHS’ most recent graduates, Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart said, “”The Wilmington Class of 2017 represents leadership, integrity and commitment. I am proud of their accomplishments and it was an honor to serve as their principal.”

Information for this article was provided by Diana Miller, who coordinates communications for several area schools.

By Diana Miller

For The News Journal