WPD: 64 arrests this month, many for theft

By Duane Weyand - Police Chief, - Wilmington



We have made 64 arrests so far for this month, including 14 people for theft, one for operating a vehicle while impaired, two for domestic violence, one for violating a protection order, and we have a handful of drug offense arrests, too.

The top call so far this month would be suspicious persons calls — we handled 83 so far. We have a lot of cases still pending as investigations into them continues. Most of those will go to the prosecutor for review and be presented to a grand jury.

We have had several calls involving animals locked in cars at various shopping plazas. Please be mindful of this as our summer temperatures climb.

WPD has handled two burglary calls. One was found when the home owners arrived.

The other was called in as it was happening. In this case, Paul Murray, 37, was arrested for theft and burglary.

This is why I stress to our citizens the importance of calling in suspicious activity — it solves crime.

This is just one of the 857 calls so far this month. So far, this July we have been busier than the previous July.

WPD responded to five overdose calls so far this month. There haven’t been any fatalities reported.

We handled 27 reports for theft so far this month. The stolen items consist of cell phone, debit card, cash, bike, backpack, laptop, DVDs, purse, scrap metal, change, sunglasses, cell phone charger, and wallet.

About half of these thefts are committed by someone a person allowed to be in the residence. Several are loved ones that came to visit and walked off with either cash or a credit card.

I can’t stress the importance of keeping your items secure.

Several other thefts we have had reported this month were from a car. Please lock your car and remove your purse or laptop from it at night.

Duane Weyand is Chief of Police of Wilmington.


By Duane Weyand

Police Chief,