Apply now for local recycling grants

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The Clinton County Solid Waste Management District is currently accepting applications for its 2018 grant programs supporting local recycling, litter prevention, and waste reduction efforts.

In all, $16,000 has been set aside for these programs, which are described below:

PEAR GRANT ($3,000 allocated): Eligible applicants include public or private sch ools/colleges in Clinton County. Qualifying programs include recycling, litter prevention, or waste reduction activities, along with initiatives that educate students about these environmental topics.

COMMUNITY GRANT ($4,000 allocated):

Open to any township or municipality in Clinton County, this grant provides funding to assist political subdivisions with recycling, litter prevention, and waste reduction efforts.

GO-GREEN GRANT (for businesses; $4,000 allocated):

The purpose of this grant is to assist Clinton County businesses, including non-profit groups, wit h implementing recycling and waste reduction programs in their places of employment.

CURBSIDE RECYCLING GRANT ($5,000 allocated):

Funds are made available to political subdivisions within Clinton County to assist with the implementation of residential and/or commercial curbside recycling programs.

Applications are available on the Solid Waste Management District’s website at or by contacting the District office at 937-382- 6177.

Individuals interested in any of these grant programs are strongly encouraged to contact the District to discuss their proposals prior to submit ting an application. All applications must be received at the District office by noon on Nov. 30.

News Journal