28 earn Wilmington College service milestones

WILMINGTON — Wilmington College honored more than two dozen employees — whose service to the institution totals nearly 500 years — during the Opening Year Convocation of faculty and staff Aug. 16.

“It’s important we have a chance to recognize these milestones,” President Jim Reynolds said. “I greatly appreciate the people who work here everyday toward changing the lives of our students.”

The president hearkened the year 1977 when the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline was completed, New York City suffered a blackout and the Apple II computer sold for $1,300 and featured a 4-kilobyte memory.

Also, Seattle Slew won the Triple Crown, a gallon of gas cost 65 cents, a first-class stamp was 13 cents, milk cost $1.44 a gallon and a year’s tuition at WC was $1,560. Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall won the Best Picture Academy Award. The Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl.

Also, 40 years ago, the College welcomed new employees Lois Hock, professor of theatre; Jerry Scheve, associate professor of accounting and women’s basketball coach; Harold Thirey, assistant professor of agriculture; and Terry Johnson, director of physical plant.

In 1982, 35 years ago, USA Today, The Weather Channel and Epcot Center all debuted. Barney Clark received first artificial heart, Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind” won the Best Song Grammy and Meryl Streep won the Oscar for Sophie’s Choice. Gas was 91 cents, a stamp cost 20 cents, milk was $1.79 a gallon and the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl, while a year’s tuition rang in at $2,400.

Also that year, Dr. Paul Moke, professor of political science and criminal justice, joined the faculty.

Others recognized for milestones were: 30 years — Dr. Steve Szeghi, professor of economics; 25 years — Kathy Hatfield, manager of tech services, Watson Library; and Dr. Douglas Woodmansee, professor of biology; 20 years — Tammy Shadley-Hutton, director of advancement services; 15 years — Dr. Angela Mitchell, associate professor of business administration; Dr. Martha Hendricks, professor of education; Dr. Jeffrey Stahley, associate professor of Spanish; Dr. Steven Stovall, associate professor of management; and Dr. Laura Struve, professor of English.

Also, 10 years — Cindy Dawson, gift recorder; Dr. Brian Snowden, assistant professor of business administration; Ruth Clark, academic analyst; Beth Floyd, softball coach and senior women’s athletics administrator; Dr. Jim Reynolds, president; and Sigrid Solomon, vice president for student affairs/dean of students.

Five years — Kristin Zeller, assistant director of admission; Amie Denkenberger, director of leadership giving; Michael Pyle, mechanic; Denise Kleinhenz, nurse; Ameer Rasheed, director of athletics communication; Vinson Harcourt, administrative computing technician; and Brian Dykhuizen, head athletic trainer.

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President Jim Reynolds congratulates theatre professor Lois Hock for for 40 years as a member of the College faculty.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2017/08/web1_wc.jpegPresident Jim Reynolds congratulates theatre professor Lois Hock for for 40 years as a member of the College faculty. Courtesy photo

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