What’s with the air? Odor is a mystery

WILMINGTON — Did you notice a stench in the air beginning mid-afternoon Tuesday through about lunchtime Wednesday?

City officials were looking for the source of the mysterious smell going around town, at least confirming that the smell’s origin was not in Wilmington.

“The pipeline repair has not even begun,” City Administrator Marian Miller told the News Journal Wednesday morning. “We’ve confirmed that there’s nothing out of the daily procedures at the landfill.

“The only we know is that it smells all the way down (Ohio State Route) 28 towards Martinsville, which we believe makes this outside of the scope of town.”

Others reported smelling the odor in the Sligo area.

Dan Evers of the Clinton County Port Authority confirmed with the city that the smell was not from their storm water treatment program.

Colleen Ryan of Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio confirmed with the city that the odor wasn’t related to their business.

Visitors to the News Journal’s Facebook page had theories and made comments — some serious, some not so much:

“Smells like sewage.” — Janet Morris

“We wondered what it was. peeeeewwuuuuu!” — Robin Dilley Norman

“We drove through town last evening (Tuesday) and it was horrible!” — Deborah Morris Carman

“Chillicothe paper mill. Air does carry it up this way sometimes.” — Kim Current Knauff. (Some other people stated they surmised the same thing.)

The odor seemed to have dissipated by early Wednesday afternoon — its origin still a mystery.

By John Hamilton

and Tom Barr

News Journal