Should part of Blan’s Cherry Street be one-way?

BLANCHESTER — Should a portion of Cherry Street be a one-way road? That was one of the topics of discussion during a special Blanchester Council Meeting on Thursday night.

Council held the first of three readings on an ordinance that would make the change, which was suggested by the Safety Committee according to Mayor John Carman.

The area in question is the portion of Cherry between South Broadway and South Wright streets, near the railroad tracks. Any vehicles moving down that street would only travel in the eastward direction.

Council member Tyler McCollister recalled a meeting with railroad personnel a few months ago about the crossing signals.

“We were standing in the parking lot by the track. We were meeting with them about the railroad signs and somebody was trying to turn onto Cherry Street … and they weren’t able to make it without either a car coming or backing up. The turn backed up about six or seven cars, leaving a car on the tracks,” said McCollister, who recalled the vehicle was a larger four-door, flat-bed truck.

He stated someone from the railroad asked about checking into improving the situation. He said that the safety committee isn’t looking to spend a lot of money on the project, just enough to get signs up.

Mayor Carman stated he walked around his neighborhood and spoke to residents about it and, according to him, 17 of the 22 people he spoke to thought it was a good idea. He also talked about a Facebook post on the village’s page asking what residents think about the one-way idea, a post both he and council member Don Gephart shared — and which received negative responses.

Council member Cynthia Sutton spoke in opposition to the idea, saying that if Wright Street or Church Street were smooth then it would be different. Other citizens, including business owners of the area, opposed it as well.

The first reading resulted in a tie, with Sutton, Gephart, and Lori Byrom voting no. Carman voted yes to break the tie.

The second reading will be at the next council meeting on Sept. 14.

By John Hamilton

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