East Clinton band stars on the march

The East Clinton Marching Band recently presented their 2017 show “Draw Me a Star” to parents, family, friends and fans.

This show takes two young girls on an adventure through the galaxies as the band plays Aurora Awakes by John Mackey, Nostalgia by Yanni, Travers Goff from the motion picture “Saving Mr. Banks” by Thomas Newman and In Caelum Fero by Karl Jenkins.

Looking up to the night sky and wondering just what all of those twinkling dots are, the girls are led on a magical journey by the band and color guard through the stars. Their expedition begins as they hunt, as Orion did, for each other during a game of hide and seek.

In the second movement they then learn about the beautiful princess Andromeda. On their final voyage they may come across a monster or two as they set out on a quest to meet the great hero Perseus.

The East Clinton Marching Band invites everyone to come draw a star with them on Friday nights at the football games and on Saturdays for their future band competitions:

• Sept. 9: Wilmington Corn Festival Parade

• Sept. 23: Bands of America Toledo Regional

• Oct. 7: Bands of America Dayton Regional

• Oct. 14: MSBA Miamisburg

• Oct. 28: MSBA Centerville

• Nov. 4: MSBA Championships

• Nov. 9-11: BOA Grand National Championships

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The East Clinton Marching Band recently presented the show “Draw Me a Star.”
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2017/09/web1_echs-band.jpgThe East Clinton Marching Band recently presented the show “Draw Me a Star.” Courtesy photo

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