Blan’s Cherry Street remains two-way for now

By John Hamilton -

BLANCHESTER — The streets were a major discussion point during the Blanchester Village Council meeting Thursday night.

When discussing old business, the council failed to have a second reading of an ordinance that would make Cherry Street into a one-way road.

At the previous council meeting, members discussed a proposed idea to change the position of Cherry Street between South Broadway and South Wright streets near the railroad tracks.

The idea came up after council member Tyler McCollister had a meeting with railroad personnel. The possibility was met with criticism from some other council members as well as locals who have businesses near the area.

Council did not say whether the issue would be brought up at the next council meeting.

The discussion on streets continued with council briefly addressing concerns over the three-way intersection of North Broadway Street, Bland Avenue, and Pansy Pike.

Safety Committee member McCollister assessed the area and gave suggestions — including additional signage with a yield sign at Bland and one saying traffic from the right on Pansy doesn’t stop.

No motion was made to go ahead with any changes.

By John Hamilton