Recycle and get caught green-handed

News Journal

October is “Get Caught Recycling” Month in Clinton County — when local recyclers to be rewarded with some R&R for practicing the 3 R’s.

Throughout October the Clinton County Solid Waste Management District will be conducting its 12th Annual Get Caught Recycling campaign in order to reward individuals for properly recycling. District staff will visit local recycling drop-off sites, randomly awarding prizes to residents displaying good recycling habits.

This year’s theme will be Rest and Recreation, featuring various recycled-content prizes such as hammocks, Frisbees, and boomerangs, to name a few.

In addition, one lucky recycler per week will be proclaimed “Culprit of the Week” and will have his/her photo taken with Buster the Mouse.

Don’t miss out on this chance to win great prizes by simply recycling household items such as bottles, jars, and newspapers. For a list of the local recycling drop-off locations and acceptable materials, visit the SWMD’s website at Be on the lookout as you could be the next person caught green-handed!

News Journal