Man tests postive for methamphetamine

Arrested during proceedings after telling judge he was clean

By David Wright -

HILLSBORO — A Hillsboro man joined more than a dozen prisoners who appeared in Highland County Common Pleas Court on Thursday after he was arrested during proceedings for testing positive for methamphetamine, even after he had assured the judge he would test clean.

Travis Andrew Tracy, 22, was sentenced to three years of community control sanctions and ordered to complete drug treatment at the STAR Community Justice Center, but only after being arrested and chided by judge Rocky Coss for lying about a drug test.

Court records show Tracy pled guilty in June to possession of heroin, a fifth-degree felony, and was granted intervention in lieu of conviction.

The intervention was terminated in July, according to court records, and Tracy in August admitted to violating its terms.

During Tracy’s sentencing hearing, Coss asked Tracy if he would test positive for drugs, and Tracey said he would not, although he later tested positive for meth during a recess.

When the hearing reconvened, Coss said, “Mr. Tracy assured me he would not test positive. Mr. Tracy lied.”

Tracy attempted to explain he had recently taken cold medication, to which the judge replied, “Maybe you should shut your mouth and listen to your attorney.”

Tracy was arrested on the spot and ordered to stay in jail until a bed opens for him in November at the STAR center.

In one of several more lighthearted episodes throughout afternoon, the courtroom erupted in laughter when Coss mistakenly referred to assistant prosecuting attorney Jim Roeder, who had briefly replaced Highland County Prosecuting Attorney Anneka Collins at the prosecution bench, as “Ms. Collins.”

Roeder left the courtroom soon after.

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Arrested during proceedings after telling judge he was clean

By David Wright