5 seeking 3 spots on Clinton-Massie school board







Five candidates are running for three seats on the Clinton-Massie Local School District Board of Education in the Nov. 7 election. The News Journal asked candidates to answer these questions:

1. What is your: name; age; and occupation?

2. Why do you want to be a Clinton-Massie school board member?

3. What goals would you have if elected?

4. How have you been involved with Clinton-Massie schools up until now (parent, volunteer, other)?

5. Do you wish to add something to your responses?


• 48 years old, Self Employed, owner operator 73 Grill

• I want to continue my role as an active voice and participant in assuring students and faculty are provided every opportunity to be successful.

• 1. Obtaining financial stability as a district including responsible monitoring of current and future expenditures and liabilities. 2. Provide a safe, clean, comfortable environment for learning and promoting student success. 3. As a board member, continue to ask questions, research, and educate myself in order to make sound decisions that will be beneficial to Clinton Massie Schools.

• Currently serving fourth year as a Clinton Massie board member. Past coach and board member (Clinton Massie pee wee football). Past substitute teacher Clinton Massie. Proud parent of four Clinton Massie graduates.

• I would like to thank the Clinton Massie community for their support and outstanding efforts in keeping Clinton Massie a great place to learn, work, and play.


• 43 years of age. I have been with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for the past 17 years where I work full-time as a Deputy Sheriff. I am currently serving my country as a United States Army Reserve Soldier, where I serve as a Military Intelligence Captain. I have been in the Army for the past 23 years.

• After serving as a BOE member for the past 4 years, I believe effective changes have been made for the better. One of those changes has been bringing in a leader for the district that shares the same visions and goals that I have for the district. I want the kids of Clinton-Massie to be more than just a test score. I want to see every student achieve success not only in the classroom and extracurricular activities, but in the community as well.

• An important goal I have if re-elected is to find a way to bridge the gap within the district in regards to finances and the needs of the school. This is an area that continues to lack. In the past 4 years I have become more confident in my role as a board member and feel that I personally need to be a bigger voice for the community by asking better questions, while continuing to insist on accountability. It is also important to continue to ensure the board and the administration maintains 100% transparency to the students and the community stakeholders to which we serve.

• My wife Amber and I are both graduates of Clinton-Massie. We have three children, one graduate of Clinton-Massie and two children currently in high school. I have had active roles over the years coaching sports, serving on the CM Athletic Boosters, and 4 years on the school board.

• It has been challenging, yet rewarding serving on the school board. Being part of a school system and community that takes so much pride in being successful is very humbling. I believe we have the best students at Clinton-Massie! Our students are taught by some of the most selfless, hard- working teachers and administrators in all of Clinton County. Everyone wants to succeed and better themselves and the community they live in. That driven attitude makes my job as a board member very satisfying. I would appreciate your vote for re-election on November 7th.


• 37, Intervention Specialist at Laurel Oaks Career Campus.

• I am very proud to be a member of the Clinton-Massie community and want to give back to the district that has provided my family and me so much. I feel this is a great way to give back and continue to be involved in a district that I have been a member of my entire life.

• I want to return stability back to our district. Over the past 10 years, there has been a tremendous amount of turnover starting with the superintendent’s position which is a direct result of the Board’s over involvement in day-to-day operations in the district. The turnover has trickled down from the central office and many high quality educators and staff have left because they were unsure of the leadership and the direction the district was heading. Board members need to allow the superintendent to run the district but work together with them to ensure that the policies that are in place reflect the goals of the district to continue to make it an excellent school. With the changes that come down from the state and federal level, it is important to make sure that we are working together to provide the community with a district they will continue to be proud of. Our school is the hub of our community and we need to continue to move forward and work to become the top district in the area.

• Currently a parent and the husband of a third grade teacher. I am a former teacher and coach at the district as well as an Alumni.

• My family has been in the Clinton-Massie community since the schools were consolidated. This past year was the first time in over 40 years that my mother or I did not work in the district and I felt a void from not being at the school. I want to continue to be part of the Clinton-Massie District and serving as a Board Member is one way that I can give back and continue to help the district move forward. I appreciate your support and would be very honored to have the opportunity to serve as a member of the Board of Education.


• I am 45 years old and a Corporate Finance Director at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

• I have lived in this area for almost 40 years. During those years I have been very active in the community, and now I would like to use my life/work experience and education to help the CM school district. I’m a 1990 graduate of Clinton-Massie. My Bachelor in Business degree is from the University of Cincinnati, and I have a Master’s in Business from Xavier University. It was my privilege to serve our country by spending 6 years in the Army National Guard. I have worked for 22 years in various accounting, finance, and leadership roles at a Fortune 500 company. I feel all these experiences would allow me to add to our already outstanding school district.

• When my wife Missy and I had our children, we decided to build in the Clinton Massie school district. Anytime someone is looking to buy a house, the CM school district should be the first place they look to buy. My high-level goal if elected to the school board is to continue to make Massie the district where families want to raise their kids. As a destination district, we need to continue to strive to be the seen as the best district in the area for academics, community activities and sports. Specific goals would include helping to ensure financial responsibility with taxpayer money, by making the most fiscally sound decisions. I feel my financial background will help the most in that area. Another goal is a continued focus on academic excellence through policy oversight that allows our school leaders to make student conscious decisions. Fundamentally we are here for the kids. Lastly, my goal would be to continue to be a student centered district that allows children to grow into great future citizens and leaders.

• My siblings and I all graduated from Massie — my daughter Alisha graduated from Massie last year, and my son Seth is currently a sophomore. I have been the treasurer and board member of the CM youth baseball organization for 8 years. I have been the treasurer for the Friends of Clinton Massie for 3 years. There have been multiple youth sports teams that I’ve coached. My wife and I have worked on the sports complex committee, and in the concession stand countless times. I have helped organize numerous school/sports team fundraisers for the school, as well as donating countless hours to improve the facilities.

• It would be an honor to receive your vote for CM school board, and I will do my best to help continuing to make Massie a destination district.


• 41; Senior Scientist, The Procter & Gamble Company.

• I am serving my second term on the CM Board of Education (BOE). I was moved to run for the BOE 8 years ago, because I felt the district was moving in the wrong direction. It has been 8 years of hard work working with board members, staff, and community to get to where we are today. We have an all-in superintendent invested in the community and a highly-qualified/motivated staff that will accept nothing less than excellence. I want to continue my BOE service to finish what I started working on 8 years ago, and ensure it’s sustained. I also want to address strengthening the district’s financial foundation for the future, and to better connect the community and the school district.

• 1) Continue the upward momentum to excellence. 2) Strengthen the district’s financial foundation for the future. 3) Increase interconnectivity of the district and community stakeholders.

• I have lived in this school district for the majority of my 41 years. I graduated from Clinton Massie, and now have 3 kids attending. I became totally immersed in volunteer service 12 years ago, as my kids stated to participate in youth programs. I have volunteered countless hours to various youth programs in the district (SAY soccer, Knothole Baseball, Hoopsters Basketball, Pee-Wee football, etc.). I have served as a coach, board member, and mentor to kids I have had the privilege of meeting along the way. I have built many friendships with the great parents of this district who are committed to ensure not only the success of their children, but the success of all children.

I was elected to the BOE 8 years ago, and have served as President and Vice President. I served on every superintendent committee during my service.

• Do you wish to add something to your responses? I had the privilege of working with the district leadership team comprised of staff, community members, and BOE representative. The Team was charged with creating a mission, vision, statement for the district. The vision statement created by that team for Clinton Massie: Inspire learners, Empower community, Achieve excellence. It’s a powerful statement and is indicative of the need for the school and community to be in sync. I believe we are inspiring learners every day, however we can’t achieve excellence without a community who is informed and supportive of the requirements and resources needed to operate our school, and the handcuffs placed on BOE’s for local funding by the State of Ohio as they reduce the state’s share of dollars to our district. We have improved communication with the community under Superintendent Baker, but we need to move from good to great in this area. I will ensure we sustain our march toward excellence in all facets. I will continue to work on empowering our community with information thru community forums, campus visits, etc., so they see the great work being done with their tax dollars to build a foundation of success for all students.