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LEES CREEK — Four candidates are running for three seats on the East Clinton school board in the Tuesday, Nov. 7 election coming up. The News Journal asked them to answer these questions:

1. What is your name; age; and occupation?

2. Why do you want to be an East Clinton school board member?

3. What goals would you have if elected?

4. How have you been involved with East Clinton schools up until now?

5. Do you wish to add something to your responses?


• Age 71, Veterinarian

• I would like to become an East Clinton school board member because I am interested in our school system. I understand the challenges facing schools today and I want to be involved. East Clinton’s vision for the district is “building champions and ambassadors”. I would like to participate in helping our school system accomplish this mission.

• My first goal if elected is to be an active member of the decision-making team. I understand the role and responsibilities of a board member and am committed to providing a high quality education. My second goal is to help East Clinton remain financially solvent while providing the best curriculum possible to our students.

• I have lived and worked in the district all my life and I have been actively involved with East Clinton schools as a parent, volunteer, previous board member, and now as a grandparent. I have provided sports schedules for many years and I have supported the FFA and Drama Department as well. I try to attend as many functions as I possibly can. I am proud to call myself an Astro.

• In 2003, I was presented an award by the Ohio Schools Boards Association, for one of five outstanding school board members in the state of Ohio. I am a member of the New Vienna United Methodist Church, the New Vienna Lions Club, and serve on the Board of Directors of the Southern Hills Community Bank. I am ready to give my time and energy to the district if the voters show their trust in me with their support on November 7th. Thank you!


• 68, and I am a retired educator living in the East Clinton Local School District.

• I am completing my 8th year as a board member, and as a former educator I have a passion for learning and creating an environment in which our district’s students can experience success. In addition, I have lived in the East Clinton community my entire life and I care about our families and want them to have all of the advantages of an effective school system.

• We need to improve student achievement as documented on our State Report Card. As a board member, I believe it is important to review student progress data and direct resources to support district educators as they work to help students improve. The environment we provide for learning at East Clinton must be safe for everyone to engage in teaching and learning. Our facilities must be updated to be accessible for all people and are equipped with the tools to make learning effective for all students. I think it is important to support extra-curricular activities that support the development of well-rounded students who set and achieve goals and learn the value of working as a team. I also understand the importance of my responsibility as a board member to monitor district finances and work to make the best use of resources.

• I am a parent to a daughter and son who attended East Clinton schools from grades K-12. During that time I served as a volunteer and active P.T.A. member. I retired in 2009 after working for 35 years for East Clinton Schools as a teacher, Technology Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator and Building Principal.

• I would like to add that I understand the role of a school board member is to establish policy. Creating a structure for our district of clear, consistent policy establishes a strong framework for our schools to operate. While creating policy may not be the most exciting role board members have, it is imperative for the future success of the district. I’m committed to working with board members and the administration to keep district policy up to date.


58, retired from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT); presently employed by Clinton Memorial Hospital, J&K Rental, and the Wilmington Transit System.

• Education is a challenge today and I feel East Clinton is going in the right direction and I would like to stay involved. I want to make sure the teachers get their needs for our students to succeed and get the best education we can give them. Today we can’t leave any kids behind.

• There are a few challenges ahead of us and I would like to see them get accomplished.

• My wife and I have grown up in the area. We’ve had three of our kids graduate from East Clinton. I’ve been involved in coaching middle school and pee wee basketball, and also coaching girls softball at the park.

• If elected, this would be my third term.

The News Journal did not receive answers to its candidates questionnaire from Shane Walterhouse, who is also on the ballot.





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