Candidates vie for WCS board








In the Wilmington school board race in the Nov. 7 election, four candidates — Marty Beaugard Sr., Steve Murphy, Shawn Patterson and Larry Roberts II — are running for three seats. For the unexpired term (12/31/19), two candidates are running for the one seat — Kevin Snarr and Patrick Zerby.

The News Journal asked candidates for Wilmington school board several questions for our election profile:

1. What is your: name; age; and occupation?

2. Why do you want to be a Wilmington school board member?

3. What goals would you have if elected?

4. How have you been involved with Wilmington schools up until now (parent, volunteer, other)?

5. Do you wish to add something to your responses?

Below are their responses.


• 55 years old, 22 ½-year Air Force retiree and local business owner.

• I want to continue to be in a position to make a difference for all children.

• To continue to take the district in the positive direction it has been going over the last few years.

• I’m a parent, youth coach, member of diversity council, school representative to community action council and present school board member.

• Vote yes for Marty Beaugard Sr. in November!


• 66; owner-operator of Murphy Farms with two sons and brother — 3,500-acre grain and livestock farm at 920 Accommodation Road.

• Myself as well as my wife and two sons and two daughters are all graduates of WHS. I have four grandchildren currently in school at Wilmington City Schools. I want to make sure we have the best school system possible for all our kids. Good schools are a must for our children, as they are our future. By ensuring financial stability and accountability and hiring the best possible personnel to run our schools, we will achieve this.

• (Goals) To continue to be fiscally responsible. Also employing the best possible people at all levels to work in our school system. To also address our future building needs as our buildings are getting old. We need to address needs for upgrades or new facilities.

• I have been a school board member for 16 years. Parent to four graduates and grandparent to four more children. I served on the building committee for the Junior High in 1992 and have been active in WHS Boosters for 20 years. Served Athletic Department for 43 years as head of the chain crew for high school football games. Helped chair fundraising for Alumni Field.

• Your decisions as a board member should be made with what is in the best interest of the students. You are a policy maker and you hire the best people to carry out those policies in the best interest of the students.


• I am 47 years old. I am employed by Home Brands Inc. as a Regional Recruiter.

• I want to be a Wilmington School Board Member because as a father and a graduate of Wilmington I feel we need new people involved in this community as well as our schools.

• If elected I will strive to strengthen the communication between our teachers and parents. As well as do everything I can to influence our youth to become involved in every way they can. I am very proud of our schools and community. But no one or place is perfect. And I will bring a neutral outlook to the board. I will not just vote one way because the others do. I will thoroughly consider every issue.

• I have been involved as a parent. And my wife and I support Wilmington Schools in any way we can. We are both graduates of Wilmington.

• In closing I would just like to say that if elected I will give Wilmington Schools, employees, parent and students all of my support and dedication. Thank you.


• I am 51 years old, a farmer and owner of LT Land Development and Clinton County Heavy Duty.

• As a business owner in Wilmington, I feel that the schools are one of the most important things in our community. It is critical that we educate our children so they can reach their full potential and that we have strong schools to attract prospective employers and employees to our town. I am running for Wilmington City School Board to use my experience in business to ensure that our schools are the best that they can be.

• My goals are to continue to spark the imagination of our students, prepare graduates for a fulfilling life of work and study and celebrate the achievements of our students.

• I am finishing up my first four-year term on the school board. Although now all graduated, all of my family attended Wilmington schools.

Running for the unexpired term (12/31/2019) are:


• I am 49 years of age and I am the Assistant Director of Cliff Park High School.

• I want to be a Wilmington City School Board member for several reasons. I have devoted my professional life to the education of children and believe my insight, perspective and experiences position me well to serve the students, families, and residents of the Wilmington district. I also believe it is very important that the Wilmington area have high quality schools not only to serve our students and families, but also attract and retain high quality employers. I also want to give back to a school district that provided me with a fabulous Kindergarten through High School public education.

• If elected I want to ensure the focus of the Wilmington City Schools is kept on the academic and the social development of all students. I also want to work towards lowering class size – especially in the early grades. I would like to use my experience to ensure that monies are allocated to areas that have direct impact on students. It is also a goal of mine to make sure fiscal decisions are made in a manner to ensure long-term financial stability within the context of a state biennial budget.

• I am a graduate of Wilmington High School, taught high school social studies at Wilmington High School, and have been a principal in the Wilmington District. I have also been a volunteer in the district as well as a School Board member for 10 years. My wife Tanya and I also have four children in the district; our oldest two daughters are students at Wilmington High School, our son is a student at Wilmington Middle School, and our youngest daughter is a student at Denver Place Elementary.

• I have found that WCS employees and the community take a tremendous amount of pride in our schools and are always striving to improve. I would be honored to be elected again to the school board and use my experience to help steer Wilmington City Schools.


• 54; Chief, NEXGEN/IT 88 Civil Engineer Group; Chief Master Sergeant, USAF, Retired.

• I enjoy being part of the current School Board and being part of a team that genuinely believes in the betterment of the students, schools and community.

• My goals continue to focus on the student achievement first. The continuous improvement plans and policies that have been developed and implemented along with hiring the most qualified and capable professionals are already having a positive impact on student performance. A strong district academic report card coupled with formidable athletic and extra-curricular programs inspires community involvement and stimulates area growth. The security, safety and overall welfare of the students and staff are paramount to establish an environment conducive to learning.

• I am the parent of a senior and two freshman students, I have coached youth football, baseball and have interacted with several parents, teachers and students through the years.

• The community involvement with the Wilmington City Schools has always been a common theme and I want to ensure the voices of the community continue to be heard by the Board.