Sabina to petition Clinton County regarding Dakins Chapel Road

By Gary Huffenberger -

SABINA — Village officials will prepare a petition to the county, seeking to bring into the village part of a county road and thereby gain the authority to reduce the speed limit there.

Mike Walls, chairman of village council’s Planning & Records Committee, asked the full council Thursday to approve drafting a petition to seek changing a stretch of Dakins Chapel Road from a county roadway to a village street. That would give village officials control of the street and thus the authority to change the speed limit.

Residents along that stretch of road and village leaders want the speed limit there cut back from the current 55 mph to 35 mph for safety reasons.

The petition will go to the Office of the Board of Clinton County Commissioners, said Walls.

During public comments, Harold Camp brought up the issue of having New Sabina Industry’s (NSI) site near the village corporation limits be annexed, which would mean employees there would pay the village’s earnings tax and increase revenue for the town’s operating budget.

“They’re out there, they don’t want to come in and I understand that, but we have to do what we got to do to try to get them in,” said Camp, drawing applause from an audience that numbered more than 25 people Thursday night.

He is of the opinion that the Village of Sabina needs to actively pursue annexation of NSI “even if it means taking them to court.”

After Camp concluded his remarks, Sabina Village Councilman said he recently came into possession of a past legal case involving Perrysburg, Ohio in Wood County.

Lewis said one noteworthy thing he has run across so far in the paperwork about the case is that, in some circumstances anyway, municipal services that a town provides to an entity can be withdrawn or terminated.

Sabina Mayor Dean Hawk said he would be glad to read the paperwork.

In summer 2016, Hawk reported he made a conscientious effort to invite NSI to petition to come into the village, but they did not consider that a good business decision. Village officials have said previously the company has to agree to being annexed.

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By Gary Huffenberger