City of Wilmington looking forward with ‘18 budget

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — “We’re all trying to put together the best package that we can give the limitations we have,” said Councilmember Mark McKay Thursday night.

With the 2018 budget on the table for future readings, Wilmington City Council members discussed a few aspects of it, including employee bonuses.

Councilmember Matt Purkey asked whether or not a bonus is the best way to compensate them. He also asked if it was right for them to put that money in the budget given that next year the city council will have a different lineup.

Councilmember Joe Spicer said he supports the idea of bonuses over raises from the viewpoint of the city being “not better off financially yet.”

“We’ve got this extra money, but that was to keep us from having to lay off policemen and firemen. We can’t lose anyone of those guys. We can’t afford to lose anyone,” said Spicer.

“I support this administration’s move to look at bonuses versus an all-across board raise solely because we don’t have the data that we’ve been working for over the last year for the wage survey,” added Councilmember Kelsey Swindler.

Also during the budget discussions:

• Water Committee chairperson Kelsey Swindler wants to assure residents that, with the water budget, nothing is going toward the fluoridation project, which she said will not be budgeted until 2019. “There are much more pressing issues that we will be addressing first,” said Swindler.

The 2018 budget draft isat:

By John Hamilton

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574