Facing jail, man flees Clinton County courtroom but is soon tackled

By The News Journal

WILMINGTON — An area man, upon hearing he was being placed into custody and taken to jail, ran out of a third-floor courtroom but was tackled and stopped on the first floor before he could get outside, officials said.

Brandon Earl Burkhart, 30, of Jeffersonville and formerly of Blanchester, previously pled guilty in the case to a felony charge of breaking-and-entering. Since entering his guilty plea, he was indicted on Oct. 30 on new charges alleging burglary and attempted trespassing.

On Monday afternoon, Nov. 13 Burkhart was back in court but, when the judge remanded him to custody, he fled, according to an incident report from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. Common Pleas Bailiff Kelly Hopkins told the defendant to stop but he continued to run, the report added.

Probation Officer Brian Noah “tackled him [Burkhart] near the restroom at the bottom of the stairs on the first floor,” according to Deputy Kelly Grogan, who works in Clinton County Courthouse security.

After Burkhart was taken to the security office in the courthouse and patted down for possible weapons, he was placed in shackles for transport to the Clinton County Jail.

Burkhart may now face a charge of escape.


By The News Journal