Clinton County September marriage licenses

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WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

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The following people applied for and received a marriage license in September:

• Jeffrey Scott Horton, 33, an electrician, and Heather Marie Brynaert-Gammon, 29, a student, both of Midland.

• Caleb Jeffery Creigmile, 26, a factory worker, of Wilmington, and Ashley Nicole Wysong, 25, a registered nurse, of Clarksville.

• Jaytee Edmund Swanson, 28, unemployed, of Buford, Georgia, and Lauren Marie Cowman, 26, a sales representative, of Wilmington.

• Jason Deane Kiphart, 38, a teacher, and Valerie Ann Watson, 30, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Ivan Roy Castle, 55, a laborer, and Suzanne Honeysette, 44, an inspector, both of Wilmington.

• Shayla Paige Redrow, 19, a laborer, and Nathen Marcell Buckler, 19, a laborer, both of Wilmington.

• Jeffrey David Kincaid, 46, a shop foreman, and Laura Elizabeth Roth, 45, an accounting specialist, both of Wilmington.

• Earl Wayne Hamm, 40, an account manager, and Jacqueline Whitney Coyle, 34, a receptionist, both of Blanchester.

• Todd Aaron Chisman, 46, a factory worker, and Angela Kohleen Lewis, 46, an officer manager, both of Lynchburg.

• Adam James Rhoads, 36, a driver, of Sabina, and Misty Snow Spear, 40, a driver, of Clarksville.

• Diare Isaiah Bollard, a software developer, of Wilmington, and Sarah Jean Adkins, 39, a supervisor, of Dayton.

• Michael Wayne Prather, 60, a painter, of Thackerville, Oklahoma, and Brookbend Ferris, 62, retired, of Blanchester.

• Brandon Randolf Keller, 24, who works in hotel management, and Tiffany Marie Sowers, 25, a dental assistant, both of Clover, South Carolina.

• Courtney Marie Anders, 23, a guest service representative, and Vennasa Jo Ames, 24, a customer service representative, both of Wilmington.

• Zachary Edward Davidson, 29, a refrigeration technician, and Christina Michelle Daulton, 27, a retail store manager, both of Wilmington.

• Richard Gary Ritter, 38, a contractor, and Heather Nicole Harris, 34, a supervisor, both of Clarksville.

• Allen Lee Snider, 61, retired, and Paulette Mae Morgan, 61, a housewife, both of Blanchester.

• Philip Edward Kerkhove, 47, who works in shipping, and Bridget Rene Martin, 43, a clerk, both of Sabina.

• Jacob Julian Landy-Gaiton, 32, a contractor, and Carri Lynn LeForge, 34, a case manager, both of New Vienna.

• William Christopher Willis, 53, an architect, and Rhonda Marie Haun, 42, an accountant, both of Blanchester.

• Jeffrey David Carlson, 29, a store manager, and Amanda Lee Rudd, 28, a registered nurse, both of Midland.

• Danny Lee Williams, 59, a realtor, of Wilmington, and Donna Irene Shaffer, 57, self-employed, of Farmington, Pennsylvania.

• Mahlon John Stoltzfus, 24, a construction worker, of Sabina, and Jeanette Dawn Falb, 22, a cashier, of Columbiana, Ohio.

• Kyle Steven Conover, 31, a truck driver, and Katie Rhea Figart, 32, a laborer, both of Blanchester.

• Kevin Duane Moberly, 31, unemployed, and Summer Renae Elliott, 22, a C.S.R., both of Midland.

• Richard Anthony Pittillo, 29, unemployed, and Kristina Lynn Scholefield, 32, a crew member, both of Martinsville.

• Scott Allen Lemings, 45, who works in construction, and Kay Elizabeth Fooce, 49, a secretary, both of Sabina.

• Thomas Allen Meshefski, 48, an engineer, and Lori Jean Cross, 50, a legal assistant, both of New Vienna.

• Donald Stacy Storer, 41, a truck driver, and Kimberly Lynn Daugherty, 41, unemployed, both of New Vienna.

• Deven Richard Burdno, 24, an associate engineer, and Rebekah Danielle Bogan, 23, who works in customer service, both of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• Jason Russell Neanover, 42, an inventory manager, and Teresa Marie Morris, 50, who works in customer service, both of Sabina.

• Bryan Michael Davis, 42, a mechanic, and Robin Gay Vaughn, 43, a nurse, both of Wilmington.

• Brian Thomas Olmo, 32, a financial advisor, and Stephanie Jan Bauer, 32, a financial advisor, both of San Francisco, California.

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