JBM holds ‘Experience Days’ at Wilmington High School

WILMINGTON — JBM Packaging will spend the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 29 with a group of Wilmington High School students. The event is called Experience Days and replicates the JBM workplace experience.

JBM is determined to create employment career opportunities for students who have chosen to not take a college track, and are prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation, stated a media release.

“Our leadership team is committed to the future. Our young people are the future. Our goal is to create a culture and workforce that ensures that we are a workplace of choice. We provide all training and place individuals on a productive long-term path,” President and Chief Executive Officer Marcus Sheanshang said.

JBM, founded in 1985, opened as an envelope brokerage and is now a packaging company. The company entered the seed package market in 1985. By 1994 JBM moved to a 30,000 square foot location in Lebanon, Ohio and employed 65 people.

The company now occupies 100,000 square feet and employs more than 150 people.

While the company was founded by Greg Sheanshang, it is now owned and operated by his son Marcus. The founder, Greg Sheanshang, named the company after his three children, Jennifer, Bridget and Marcus.