Blan police arrest 2 on drug charges



Blanchester Police arrested two people Monday night on drug-related charges.

According to BPD Chief Scott Reinbolt, an officer was sent to a house in the 500 block of East Main Street on a tip that Faris Parker, a felony fugitive, was there. Parker was not found there, but when the officer arrived, he reported he saw a car parked out front with a woman in a state of repose in the driver’s seat. After the woman didn’t move for a few moments, the officer went to the car and spoke with her.

According to police, the woman, Destiny Robinson, 22, of Blanchester, had two syringes in her lap and admitted using heroin earlier in the day. Robinson was arrested and the vehicle was searched. Inside the car, police report they found several prescription pills, a small amount of marijuana, and several items of drug paraphernalia. Robinson was charged with Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.

While searching the car, police report that Matthew Hudnell, 34, came out the front door of the house to see what was transpiring. According to police, he stated that the marijuana and some of the paraphernalia in the car was his and he also stated he used heroin earlier in the day. He was charged with Possession of Marijuana.

Hudnell, who has a lengthy criminal record, is currently out of jail on bond after a May arrest in which dozens of hypodermic needles were found in his home, Reinbolt said. He faces multiple charges as a result of that incident.