Two domestic violence offenders sentenced at Clinton County Common Pleas Court

By Gary Huffenberger -




WILMINGTON — A Clarksville man was found guilty of domestic violence against a pregnant victim, and was sentenced to a 10-month term of prison.

Joseph Britton Dillenger Hagerman, 30, knew the victim of the incident was pregnant because she was his girlfriend and she was pregnant with Hagerman’s child, according to papers from Clinton County Common Pleas Court where he was sentenced.

According to an affidavit the police compiled using the victim’s statements, Hagerman grabbed her face and neck, put his hand over her mouth as she was screaming, and told her it was time to die.

Then, she was able to run out of the house but fell in the driveway. After she got up, she went to a neighbor’s house to seek help, the affidavit stated.

Hagerman’s criminal record includes convictions on two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in Clermont County in 2007; failing to notify a change of address in Clermont County in 2012; and three misdemeanors in 2015 and 2016 in Clinton County consisting of two instances of possessing a drug instrument and one conviction for receiving stolen property.

The domestic violence victim attended the sentencing hearing. A court paper states she had approved the plea agreement where Hagerman pled guilty to domestic violence while other related charges from the incident were dropped, including the most serious one, felonious assault.

He was granted time credit toward the state prison term for 187 days he already served in the county jail on the case.

In an unrelated domestic violence case, Jarrod A. Davis, 33, of Wilmington, received a suspended jail term and was placed on community controls for two years.

In the incident, Davis threw an apple at a juvenile, leaving a welt on the child, stated a court paper.

In the sentencing paperwork, Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck stated the defendant has a significant misdemeanor criminal history, but the current case is his first felony conviction. A test indicates Davis has a moderate risk of repeat offending.

Over the prosecutor’s objection, the judge ruled that additional loss of liberty in jail is not required at this time, underlining “at this time” in the court paperwork. Rudduck added the court prefers that any ultimate loss of liberty be served in prison if Davis cannot comply with the local sanctions within community control.

If he violates the community control rules, Davis faces a prison term of nine months.

Davis received a six-month jail term, with credit granted for 50 days already served in the case, and the remainder of the jail term suspended. He must comply with the directives of the court’s supervision officers and his counselor “to address mental health and anger management issues which exist,” stated Rudduck.

The defendant previously was convicted of domestic violence in a Clinton County Municipal Court case.

In other recent common pleas sentencings:

• A Lynchburg man was sentenced to prison and must pay $552 restitution to Save-A-Lot in Blanchester after he was found guilty of forgery. Robert J. Anderson, 40, received a nine-month prison term, with time credit granted for 154 days already spent in jail.

• Genamay S. Eades, 26, of Clarksville, received a suspended six-month jail term and placed on community controls for a year after being found guilty of drug possession. Time credit was granted for 16 days served in the county jail.

• Zachariah Gregory, 26, of Lynchburg, was granted intervention in lieu of conviction after he pled guilty to possessing marijuana. Criminal proceedings in the case will be stayed while court officials see how Gregory does during an 18-month rehabilitation period. He was ordered to pay $125 restitution for the lab fee.

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By Gary Huffenberger