BPD: Woman safely returned home

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — At around 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon employees of the Peoples Bank at 125 W. Main St. called the Blanchester Police Department asking for assistance with a woman in the bank who was disoriented.

Ptl. Kristen Jeffers arrived and spoke to the woman, JoAnn Pedicini, age 85.

“Mrs. Pedicini said she left her home in rural Bethel in order to go grocery shopping in Eastgate, but got lost and ended up in Blanchester,” said Police Chief Scott Reinbolt. “Mrs. Pedicini told Ptl. Jeffers that her husband is ill and bedridden and that she left him home alone and was worried about him.”

The Pedicinis reside in rural Clermont County, so Ptl. Jeffers contacted the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office to see if Mrs. Pedicini had been reported missing; she had not been, Reinbolt said.

“Mrs. Pedicini’s car was parked at the bank, but Ptl. Jeffers was concerned that she might not be able to find her way back home on her own,” Reinbolt said. “Ptl. Jeffers phoned the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office and offered to give Mrs. Pedicini a ride to Goshen Township if a deputy could meet her there and take Mrs. Pedicini the rest of the way home. The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office said they had no deputies available to undertake such a task. I therefore detailed a Blanchester police officer, on overtime, to drive Mrs. Pedicini to her home.”

He said that, during the time they spent together, Ptl. Jeffers learned that Mrs. Pedicini was born and raised on a farm in Kansas, is a survivor of the dust bowl and that she and her husband, Mike, moved to Bethel years ago when Mike was hired by the Procter and Gamble Company.

“Ptl. Jeffers was able to reach Mr. Pedicini via phone and he assured her he was fine and would be awaiting his wife’s return home,” said Reinbolt. “Mr. and Mrs. Pedicini were grateful, as am I, for the officer’s assistance. I am also appreciative of the kindness displayed to Mrs. Pedicini by the employees of Peoples Bank.“


News Journal