City to repair, replace curbs, sidewalks

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WILMINGTON — The City of Wilmington will implement an improved Curb-Sidewalk-Approach (CSA) Program beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

This program will repair and replace curbs, sidewalks, and approaches that have been identified as not meeting code standards, according to Safety/Service Director Brian Shidaker.

“This program will run in conjunction with the annual Street Resurfacing Program, but the CSA Program will be constructed before the Street Resurfacing Program. This ensures that all the concrete work is completed before a street is paved and allows timely completion of both programs,” said Shidaker.

The Street Resurfacing Program is moving in a clockwise direction throughout the city and next year will focus on the Northeast quadrant.

The CSA Program, in order to stay ahead of the paving, will be in the Southeast quadrant.

Proper legal notice will be provided by certified mail to property owners advising which repair work is necessary and an estimated cost of the repair work.

As part of the notice, property owners will be advised that they have the option to make the repairs themselves. If they choose not to, then the city will make the repairs. After the work is completed by the city, the property owner will be issued an invoice. The owner will have at least 30 days from the date of an invoice to make payment and the city will work with residents who need more time; however, unpaid invoices will be certified to the County Auditor for collection over a five-year period with any associated interest costs added.

“This systematic approach will improve and maintain our city’s sidewalks. It will allow sensible and efficient use of city resources in order to provide superior pedestrian safety by reducing liability from trip and fall incidents,” said Shidaker.

Questions regarding the project may be made to the Office of the Director of Public Service at 937-382-6509.

News Journal