BPD: Overdose call results in obstruction charge

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BLANCHESTER —The Blanchester Police Department’s 32nd drug overdose call of 2017 resulted in a person charged with obstructing official business on Christmas day.

According to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, at around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 25, police and an ambulance were called to 135 Orchard Circle after an unidentified woman called 911 to report that someone there had overdosed on drugs, but was still breathing. A police officer arrived at the address, but several people there indicated there was no one suffering an overdose.

Dispatchers attempted to phone the caller back, but she did not answer, said Reinbolt.

“The officer was concerned that the person overdosing might actually be at 135 Orchard View Lane, a block away but on a different street, and therefore the officer and the ambulance crew went to that address,” stated Reinbolt in a press release. “No one acknowledged their knocks on the doors and windows, and no neighbors could be roused.

“Fearing that someone’s life could be in danger inside the home, the officer and ambulance crew forced the front door of the residence open. They found no one inside.”

He said the officer returned to 135 Orchard Circle where she spoke with Samantha Lomske, 24, of Wilmington.

”Lomske said she called 911 due to a relative overdosing at 135 Orchard Circle, but the man fled the scene prior to police arriving,” Reinbolt said. “Lomske stated others in the home must not have been aware that she called.

“The officer then went back to 135 Orchard View Lane to try to lock the front door. There she encountered the owner of the property, who loudly berated her for damaging his property without cause.”

Reinbolt said Samantha Lomske was charged with obstructing official business for her failure to assure those responding to her 911 call were made aware of the situation upon their arrival. She will answer the misdemeanor offense in the Clinton County Municipal Court.

Reinbolt said of the 32 calls reporting a drug overdose in 2017, “In many of those circumstances the person suffering the overdose was found alone. All of them presented life-threatening circumstances, with some resulting in death. We certainly encourage people to call 911 if they find someone suffering an overdose or any medical emergency, but it is important to remain at the scene to communicate with first responders and to help them gain access to the proper premises.

”Despite the fact that we have responded to over 30 overdose calls this year, we have not charged any innocent person with any crime based simply on the fact that they reported the overdose.”


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