Clinton County December marriage licenses

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WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

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The following people applied for and received a marriage license in December:

• Michael Cope, 48, a factory worker, and Karen Ann Doerflein, 42, a legal secretary, both of Blanchester.

• Justin Todd Kessler, 27, a lineman, of New Vienna, and Tiffany Ann Luttrell, 25, a cosmetologist, of Sabina.

• Charles Edward Bleistine, 33, employed with the U.S. Army, and Kristin Danielle Braley, 28, a military technician, both of Wilmington.

• Philip Bruce Johnson, 64, retired, and Sherry Denise Karr, 61, disabled, both of Wilmington.

• Cameron Samuel Youngblood, 25, a Hamilton County deputy, of Cincinnati, and Lorin Kay Victor, 27, a cosmetologist, of Wilmington.

• Dennis Paul McCarren, 70, a farmer, of Waynesville, and Vicki Lynn Wallingford, 69, a homemaker, of Wilmington.

• Eric Todd Brandenburg Jr., 22, a student, of Hillsboro, and Destiny Jean Huff, 21, a student, of Blanchester.

• Andrew Monroe Wilkinson, 28, a parks conservation coordinator, and Doris Teras, 22, an administrative assistant, both of Clarksville.

• Bruce Allen Bennett, 32, an interior carpenter, and Anna Marie Williams, 28, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Darren Anthony Osburn, 19, employed with the U.S. military, of Sabina, and Page Elizabeth Hughes, 18, a phlebotomist, of Xenia.

• Austin Miles Jewell, 28, an order filler, and Holley Cierea Lykins, 24, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Tomas Bradford Coonrod, 31, unemployed, and Taylor Michelle Carver, 22, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Calvin Douglas Tedrick, 30, a factory worker, of Blanchester, and Ambria Lynn Willhoite, 20, a factory worker, of Batavia.

• Jonathan Allan Gray, 30, a manager, and Kittiyarat Sopanrat, 29, a microbiologist, both of Wilmington.

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