WPD assists with state drug busts

Staff report

WILMINGTON — Two people were arrested and the Warren County Drug Task Force has concluded an investigation into the conveyance of illegal drugs into the Madison Correctional Institution in London, Ohio.

According to the drug task force, arrangements were made with two subjects to meet in Wilmington with an undercover officer on Oct. 19 to provide the two subjects with a half-ounce of heroin that would be taken into the prison for the sum of $500. One of the subjects, Connie Tackett, is employed as a cook inside the prison, and she had been making illegal drug deliveries during the course of her employment, authorities said.

Once the exchange occurred in Wilmington, both subjects were arrested with the assistance of the Wilmington Police Department. The couple had also brought their 15-year-old daughter to the drug transaction, authorities said.

Arrested and charged were a Springfield couple, Douglas Osborne, 49, and Connie S. Tackett, 42. Both were charged with Trafficking in Drugs — Prepare/Ship/Transport F-1.

Staff report