Bomb threats crimes with severe consequences

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COLUMBUS — Since the beginning of the year, bomb threats have been reported at multiple schools across the state. Recent data from Educator’s Schools Safety Network — — suggests that bomb threats toward schools are on the rise nationally and the number of events tend to spike in January and in May.

Ohio Homeland Security’s Center for P-20 Safety & Security reminds all Ohioans about the emotional effects and legal ramifications of making a bomb threat, and the impact to the entire community in which these crimes occur.

Each threat endangers lives, induces panic in communities and disrupts the learning of students in schools. Along with the emotional toll, a bomb threat can stretch the resources of police and first responders.

Those who make bomb threats face second-degree felony charges that could lead up to eight years in prison.

An informational video that further illustrates these consequences can be viewed at: . This video has been redistributed to schools across Ohio so administrators can share it with their students.

If someone is aware of a potential bomb threat, they are encouraged to immediately report it to a trusted authority figure, local police or anonymously to the Safer Schools tip line at 1-844-SaferOH.

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