Blan Police: Fugitive ODs, is revived, then arrested

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BLANCHESTER — A man with a long criminal history overdosed, was revived with Narcan, and was arrested on warrants from multiple jurisdictions, according to police.

At around 1 a.m. Thursday Blanchester police were called to 118 Central Ave. for a man having a drug overdose, according to Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“The man was found inside the home in the bathroom,” Reinbolt said. “A hypodermic needle was near his body. The man was unresponsive and officers administered first aid until an ambulance arrived.”

He said the man was identified as Kevin Noe, 47, of 117 Central Ave., and that the home he was found in is the residence of his estranged girlfriend.

An ambulance arrived and administered multiple doses of Narcan, then transported Noe to Clinton Memorial Hospital, Reinbolt said.

“The officers at the scene were familiar with Noe and knew him to be a wanted fugitive, and therefore one of the officers went to Clinton Memorial to await his release,” he added.

Upon his release from the hospital, Noe was arrested and taken to the Clinton County Jail.

Reinbolt said Noe was wanted by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Columbus on a felony drug offense, was wanted by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office on a misdemeanor drug offense, and was wanted by the Blanchester Police Department on a misdemeanor drug offense.

He was also charged with a new misdemeanor for possession of the hypodermic needle found near him in the bathroom Thursday morning, Reinbolt said.

“Noe’s criminal record spans the past 23 years and includes three prior convictions for narcotics offenses, two prior convictions for aggravated assault and one prior conviction for felonious assault,” said Reinbolt.

Noe will answer the misdemeanor charges and warrants in the Clinton County Municipal Court and will then face extradition to Franklin County.


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