Council tackles city’s animal issues

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — Issues regarding animals were the main topics during the Judiciary Committee report at Thursday’s Wilmington City Council meeting.

Council held the third and final reading for an ordinance whereby property owners would have to comply with court orders for dogs deemed vicious or dangerous on their property. Judiciary chairperson Matt Purkey described it as a safety net.

The ordinance was brought forth due to issues where owners of the dogs would move and there wouldn’t be a way to do a follow-up.

“It’s been a longtime project in the works. It won’t be used often but I’m glad it’s there to protect community members,” said Purkey.

Also during the Judiciary report, council held the second reading of an ordinance adding roosters to a list of animals prohibited within city limits. The third and final reading is scheduled for the Feb. 15 council meeting.

The ordinance came about after the committee received multiple rooster-related complaints from citizens.

By John Hamilton