BPD: Last week’s threat at BMS not credible

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — A student at Blanchester Middle School has been suspended after making a “statement that could be construed as a threat of violence” according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

On Tuesday morning, Feb. 27, Blanchester police officers went to the school to investigate a potential threat to the safety of the staff and students there. This response was based on a tip received by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office indicating that a middle school student had made a statement

Ptl. Kristen Jeffers spoke with the school principal and learned that a 13-year-old Autistic student made a statement on Friday, Feb. 23, that was overheard by other students, Reinbolt said.

According to witnesses, the child made a statement that someday he would set the record for the most people killed in a single incident, said Reinbolt.

“The principal stated she had spoken with the child and his mother; the child recalled making the statement but said he did so in jest, that he had no intention of harming anyone, and after that conversation the child seemed to understand the serious ramifications of making such a statement,” said Reinbolt. “The principal suspended the child from school, the mother agreed that mental health intervention was in order, and all parties considered the matter closed.

“We appreciate this matter being brought to our attention,” Reinbolt continued. “Based on the information gathered during this inquiry, we do not intend to pursue this matter further. While statements of this nature are certainly of concern and warrant investigation, it is important to recognize the fact that children sometimes say and do things that are inappropriate without considering the consequences.

“It seems to me that it would be a sad day if we, as a society, have come to the point that we seek criminal prosecution of every child who publicly makes a flippant, angry or ill-advised statement,” he added.


News Journal